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Friday, October 21, 2011

We hunt moose, too...for pictures

Hunt: to seek out, to look for, to pursue...
Granted we all hunt things, whether it be a deer, bear, moose, or your child that stayed out late after curfew...we understand what it means to hunt and to be hunted.
Well, in Maine, it's hunting season. Hunting for birds, deer, and yes, moose. As most of you know, I hunt moose, too, but I hunt moose to take moose pictures. Call it corny, quirky, or strange, but I get excited every single time that I find my Maine moose. Every opportunity that I have to shoot my camera and capture that unique moose picture, I'll take it. I enjoy watching a moose eat for hours and you actually can, as long as a vehicle doesn't come barreling down the road at 100, but most importantly if you keep an appropriate distance and watch quietly. A moose will let you know if you have crossed the boundary of moose watching to moose harassing, so be respectful.
I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to moose watch since late April this year. It's getting to be that time, when I will have less and less moose sightings, but that's okay, I'll be back in the Spring and so won't they. I cherish the rest of winter, but am eager to meet the calves of 2012, of the cow moose I have grown fondly of hunting down, to take pictures of this season.
I'll keep you posted from now until then of the wildlife that I see along the way. November is a month of rest, travel, and photography for me, so stay in touch and I will to. Until our next Maine moose hunt together...

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  1. Hi guys, we came for a moose safari with you recently and I posted some images from the day of the moose we saw...Also gave you a shout - out Jessica for your wonderful service! We had so much fun! Hope you get a chance to read it:
    ~Mary V