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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall New England Tours

Fall Foliage in New England
When you visit New England in the fall, it's best to know what is the most spectacular fall New England tour ideas.  We have guests that visit from all over the world this time of year to see Maine and the rest of the New England states in all its colorful, dramatic hues.  A common, yet amazing New England tour idea is the drive from Massachusetts to Maine to New Hampshire to Vermont. 

Let me tell you about what to see along this fall New England road trip.   Depart Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts and drive north to Maine's exit 157 on the Moosehead Trail.  Arrive in Greenville, home of Maine's largest lake, Moosehead Lake.  This is a great stop for moose watching, an excellent stop over for outdoor activities or simply relaxing.

Northeast Guide Service offers daily moose watching tours.  September has been a very busy month for moose watchers.  Bull moose are in moose rut during this month and seeking out a mate.  The last week in September and the 1st two weeks in October are the best 3 weeks to see massive bull moose.  Just in the last week, we have seen 4-8 moose per morning tour and 2-5 moose per evening tour.  The moose watching tours are very scenic.  We take you to remote woods ponds to canoe and see moose on the group tours, which up to 10 people can participate in.  There are also private moose safaris that can be very scenic to enjoy on your own with our guides.  The best part about a private moose safari is that you can truly maximize your moose sighting coverage because you can canoe on multiple ponds or experience a land base tour and see a lot of territory for moose sighting maximization.  Fall foliage and moose is a photographer's delight during this time of year!
Maine's Moosehead Lake Region - Moose Watching Tour
 Another wonderful fall foliage activity in the Moosehead Lake Region is enjoying the Katahdin Steamship cruise or a seaplane ride overlooking Moosehead Lake.  You even might see a moose while in flight!

Continue north on Route 15 to Jackman, which is a small town near the U.S./Canada Border.  If you have your passports, head north to Quebec City in Canada from here, which is only a 2 hour drive.  The other option is to drive south on Rt 201 from Jackman on the Kennebec river scenic byway.  It's a beautiful drive during the autumn months and depending on the time of day, you just might see a moose!

Continue the journey on Rt 2 to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The mountain vistas are spectacular with all of the fall colors.  You can continue your New England fall tour back to the great city of Boston here or continue to the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

There's so much to see when you visit New England in autumn.  Plan each day to take in the scenery, eat at a local restaurant, enjoy a guided trip and relax.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ending August with a Bang!

It's been a busy 10 days in the Moose community, we almost did not have time to tell you all about how successful our Maine Moose watching tours have been!  We've had some really exciting moose safaris with some special encounters.  On August 19th we saw a total of five Maine moose, two of which were HUGE bulls!  The next day, our group tour spotted yet another big bull moose, causing a frenzy of excitement from some of our younger guests.  The big moose stuck around for a few days, giving several of our group moose watching tours and private moose safaris plenty of opportunities for picture taking- who knew moose were so photogenic!  One family traveled all the way to visit the Moosehead Lake Region from Scotland.  They had such a great time on their moose watching tour that Al drew up a fantastic sketch of one of the moose he saw!  
In addition to all of the big bull moose we've seen, we've also gotten the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the littlest moose out there- the little baby calves!  Normally, Mama Moose is so protective of her baby that it can be dangerous to get too close.  On August 17th, one cow left her calf to venture to the other side of the pond to eat.  It was a very rare opportunity to observe a little calf playing on his own while Mama Moose gets some dinner.  Just two days before, we watched as a cow called to her calf and the calf ran to her to have his dinner!  It's always interesting to be able to watch the interactions between mother and calf in a truly natural setting.  
Other than lots of moose, we've also been seeing a bunch of loons, deer, beavers, even an occasional blue heron!  One of our trips, on August 15th, was a fun filled FULL day trip with a family of four from the United Kingdom!  We don't always have full day trips, but this family could not get enough of Maine moose and we were more than happy to have them!  We paddled out on two different ponds, went swimming at Mount Kineo, and journeyed through the Maine outdoors to see moose, deer, loons, and a blue heron.  
It has been a great August and although we're sad to see the summer come to an end, we all know that September brings some of the finest moose watching of the year.  In the past 10 days, we've seen a grand total of over 45 moose.  In September, we enter that time of year when a bull moose starts looking for someone to spend the winter with- that's right, a bull moose in the rut will travel hundreds of miles to find the right lucky lady, and we'll be there to take his picture when he does!  The bulls will be strutting their stuff and the cows will be all dolled up and ready to pose when we paddle out in our canoes to see them, you can count on that!  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maine Moose Watching in August

One of the main Maine Moose watching questions we get is "Am I guaranteed to see a moose?"  The answer to that question, in a nutshell, is of course no, we cannot guarantee a moose.  Our Registered Maine Guides work very hard to give us the very best opportunities of seeing moose, and we adjust our tour times to the dinner clock of a Maine Moose, but nothing in life is ever guaranteed!  The month of August, with all of its heat and sunshine, does a good job to drive most of us either to the shade of an umbrella on a windy beach, to the ice cream store, or really just anywhere that has air conditioning.  The same is true for our furry moose friends!  Even though it has been less than desirable weather, we have been successful in moose sightings 85% of the time so far this August, and just in the past week, that success rate has jumped up to 95%!  In 3 out of 4 trips, we see at least 2 or more Maine Moose.

Part of what makes a Maine moose watching tour so special with Northeast Guide Service is the atmosphere here in nature.  Our group moose safaris head to remote woods ponds where the water is peaceful and the calm in the air compliments the majestic Maine wildlife around us.  In addition to moose, we also see many other creatures such as deer, loons, eagles, owls, blue herons, otters, beavers, raccoons, and even an occasional bear.  We do our best to observe, and not intrude upon, the wildlife around us.  Observing a moose in his or her daily routine, a playful calf toying with his mother, a young bull putting on a show for a nearby cow- we see it all!  It is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the great New England outdoors.

As we continue into the end of August and further into September, all of our moose watching tours will be enhanced by the immaculate foliage as summer fades to fall.  The moose and other creatures are more plentiful as it starts to cool off, and we have the hands-down BEST opportunities to take pictures of our beautiful area.  The time to go see some Maine moose is upon us!

Friday, August 9, 2013

So Many Moose, So Little Time!

There is no question about it- it is most definitely summertime here in the Moosehead Lake region.  The hot, humid weather along with occasional thunderstorm has been no match for our eager moose watching guests as we continue to trek through all sorts of weather to find our Moose friends.  With all of the moose we've been seeing, it's been hard to even find the time to document our trips!  In the last few weeks, we have been averaging about 4 moose per trip- both morning and evening.  Not only have the moose been out and about, but we have also been seeing a blue heron, black bears, bald eagles, loons, deer and even a lynx!
Some highlights from our past few tours have been seeing a small cow swim across the whole pond right in front of us, seeing moose in a thunderstorm, a calf playing in the rain, a couple of friendly bulls that walked right over to us, a bald eagle with moose, plus one BIG bull moose that we saw on several big that one guests said it made their YEAR!  Now that is one huge bull moose!
The weather has gone up and down, but contrary to popular belief, this doesn't stop the Maine moose from coming out to visit us!
The bottom line is, this summer is cranking through, we can't believe how quickly the days are starting to get shorter.  We've got some wonderful Registered Maine guides scouting out the moose each day so that our guests have the best chance of seeing some, and they've been delivering!  We've had a fantastic July with some excellent guests, and we thank everyone who has joined us so far.  We do encourage anyone that is thinking about a Maine Moose watching tour or Private Moose Safari to make advance reservations- our spots are very limited and usually fill a week or two in advance!  There are just so many moose to see!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Come One, Come All...The Moose Are Out in Greenville!

Our last fewMoose watching tours have been packed with visitors from all over the East Coast and even Holland!  The Maine moose didn't disappoint- they were out on the pond and grazing by the roads, everywhere!  I'm sure they were just as excited to meet our visitors as we were.  While we were paddling out for a nice easy stroll on the pond in the beautiful sunshine, we got to see beavers, loons, turkeys and hare.  One of the moose we saw was an old friend we've been getting used to- a BIG bull moose!  On the other side of the spectrum, we also saw a little yearling bull.  Soon enough, this little fellow will be just as big as the Mega-Moose, he just has to keep eating his veggies!

On both of our past two tours, our Registered Maine Guides have both come back talking about the beautiful weather we've been having here in Greenville Maine.  We always knew we had a beautiful area, full of wildlife and a real escape from reality out in nature, but the sunshine really highlights our best qualities.  Summer in Maine is an experience that can only be topped by a Moose watching tour with Northeast Guide Service!  So if you are looking for things to do around Moosehead Lake, come on a Moose Safari and see for yourself!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrate the 4th of July with some Maine Moose!

While animal specialists may tell you that Maine moose and wildlife are "spooked" by the fireworks that we all love for Independence Day, but they would be wrong!  Our 4th of July Moose Tour got to see four moose altogether, three cooling off in a nearby stream with a bald eagle friend, and one right on the road.  Our other recent moose safaris have had similar luck; We had a private Moose Safari for a family of eleven join us on July 3rd and also got to see four moose, including a little baby calf!  It was a lot of fun going out with such a nice big family, and the kids had a blast!  We also had a couple from Singapore join us- they had been looking all week for a moose along the roads, doing some safari-ing of their own and trying to find the best place to see a moose.  With no luck, they decided to join one of our evening canoe tours and low and behold, they finally saw a moose!  That same day, one of our early morning tours had a very close encounter with a confused yearling looking for mom.  Seeing a yearling is special because they are often the most nervous of all moose...after a year of having the comfort of Mom at all times, yearlings are fresh out on their own learning to fend for themselves.  Of the five other moose we saw that day, one was a mother and her calf, possibly relatives of the scared little yearling we had seen earlier!  Overall, it has been a wonderful holiday with beautiful weather and of course, many sightings of the majestic Maine moose!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring...But the Moose Aren't Snoring!

Even with all of this rain, our Maine Moose friends are still out and about waiting for our daily moose watching tours to stop in and see what's happening.  In fact, on Saturday, we saw the most moose out of any other day of the week, and it was starting to thunderstorm out!  In other words, there's no need to  fear the thunder, our Registered Maine Guides have you in good hands, and the moose themselves don't seem to mind- dinner time is dinner time no matter what the sky looks like!  Lucky for our tour guests, as soon as the rain started to clear later in the evening, there was a fantastic rainbow overhead to cap off a great moose watching expedition.  The next day, it was the same story...after a day full of rain the sun finally poked its head out and we got to observe another rainbow, not to mention the bear and baby moose!
On the first day of July, one of our Private Moose Safaris was lucky enough to see some moose in a stream which is always an interesting sight.  They also saw some deer and even a spotted turtle!  Our group tour of the day didn't have as much luck seeing swimming moose, but they made up for it with sightings of beavers, a mother turkey and her babies, a partridge, loons, eagles, and hare!  If you're having troubling thinking of things to do in Greenville, no worries- our Greenville wildlife is out for July!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

FUN for Families This Summer

Looking for something fun to do with your family this summer?  Why not try a moose tour!  The past few tours we've had have been just that- lots of kids eager to see some Maine Moose and other Northern Maine wildlife.  For a few days it seemed as though the moose were hiding from the rain and chilly weather, but as soon as we had a group of visiting Boy Scouts from Connecticut on a Private Moose Safari, six big Maine moose came out to play.  We were able to see a variety of other wildlife, including a bear and some playful loons, even some baby turkeys!  The weather wasn't the most cooperative, but all of our guests were troopers and stuck it out in the rain to see the moose- who were surprisingly not bothered by the weather.  As it turns out, the moose don't mind the rain so we get to see them no matter what the weather man is saying!  

It was a delight to have our Boy Scouts along with us to learn a thing or two from our Registered Maine guides, but you don't have to be a Boy Scout to have a great learning experience out in the wild- our guides provide all the info and are glad to answer any questions you may have as you continue your moose watching tour!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There Are Big Bull Moose Among Us!

Our Maine moose watching tours are starting to fill up, and the big bull moose we have been seeing are leaving all guests satisfied!  So far this week, a few of our tours have been able to see what we think might be the same huge bull moose, once on a Private Moose Safari, and once on a group canoe tour.  These lucky moose watchers got more than they bargained for when they signed up for a moose watching tour- not only the chance to observe the natural beauty of the great outdoors here in Northern Maine, but also to see a plethora of other wildlife in addition to the great Maine Moose.  Despite the humid and sometimes wet weather, our past few tours have had some real luck in seeing deer, the lovebird loons, hare, fox, and eagles.  One group was fortunate enough to get so close to a beaver that it swam under all three boats and surfaced at the other side.  The wildlife atmosphere at our secret moose ponds are so friendly and often posing for photographs, we swear they are all aspiring models!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Schools out..

But the learning doesn't have to stop!   In just the past few days, we have had kids of all ages join us on a moose safari, some as young as 18 months!   A moose tour is a great way to stir the imagination in some really interesting subjects like biology, environmental science, and even Maine history. Our registered Maine guides make great teachers, and there is always something new to absorb when you're out in the field.

The flash of a whitetail hurtling through a thicket, or the echo of a loon sounding across a pristine northern lake, is the kind of experience that puts a twinkle in a child's eye and stays with them for the rest of their life.  The next Thoreau, Muir or Carson is out there somewhere, just waiting to be inspired!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bear With Us, These Moose Safari's are Otter-ly Amazing!

If you still haven't been out on a Maine moose watching tour, you otter do it soon- we promise you'll be beary impressed by all the wildlife!  That's right, a recent Private Moose Safari got to see a big Maine Black Bear in the distant woods as well as a friendly otter right next to the canoe!  It was a great tour to welcome back our Indiana friends on their second tour of the week.  As thrilling as it is to see different animals around the pond, our favorite of course is the Maine moose, and they aren't shy!  In the words of one of our registered Maine guides, one group was surrounded by moose on all sides!  Every direction they looked, another moose popped out!  It seems as though we aren't the only ones enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Nice Treat for a Private Moose Safari

Yesterday was a great day for our two guests on a Private Moose Safari here in the Moosehead Lake region.  Our registered Maine guide followed his intu-moose-ion and found a new hideout bustling with Maine moose.  Our group got to see a mother and her calf at the new pond as well as some other larger moose hanging around by the road.  Luckily for these amateur photographers all the way from Indiana, there were plenty of great photo opportunities with the moose as well as other Maine wildlife, including deer, loons, hare, and hawks!  On top of it all, the weather was cooperative and we had nice sunny skies followed by a beautiful sunset.  One of the greatest parts of a moose watching tour in Greenville is getting to see the lovely sunset over Moosehead Lake while we're out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weather Says Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Moose!

Here in Northern Maine the one thing about the weather we can count on is that it's unpredictable, but the forecast for moose has proven trustworthy!  Our past few Maine moose watching tours have come back just ecstatic after seeing so many Maine moose in their natural habitats, going about their business.  As the weather starts to heat up, all the majestic Maine wildlife is out and about, almost begging to have their picture taken by our Moose Safari guests.  So far this week we've had the opportunity to see deer, loons, fox, hare, and eagles out with our best moose friends and their young.  It is always a special opportunity to see a cow (another way to say female adult moose!) and her new baby calf frolicking near the pond, and lately we've been able to observe this pair just about every trip.  On Monday night we met up with a yearling moose and he stuck around right next to us for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what we were up to.  A yearling is a young moose that has just left his mother and ventured out into the world on his own, so I suspect that this little guy was just as interested in our group as we were in him!  The past five Maine moose watching trips have seen an average of 5 moose, but sometimes as many as 9!  Some may call it luck, but I think our registered Maine guides here at Northeast Guide Service are more of "moose whisperers" than tour guides!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Maine Moose Safari Season is Upon Us!

If you have ever considered going for a Moose Safari in Northern Maine, now is certainly the time to do it!  Our most recent moose tour came back with nine smiling faces after seeing over 12 Maine Moose going about their business in their natural habitat in the Moosehead Lake region.  After seeing all of the wildlife we thought possible during the canoe moose watching tour (including deer, loons AND hare), we were fortunate enough to see even MORE moose from the van on the scenic drive back to Northeast Guide Service headquarters in Greenville, Maine.  We saw so many moose that we started to lose track!  The best part about this moose watching tour is that our registered Maine guides all know how to speak moose, which means we get to come up close to the moose without scaring them away!  If you are looking for things to do in Greenville while you or your family members participate Moose Lottery Weekend, a Moose Safari is calling your name!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...There is a Moose!

You've gotta have a little rain to make a rainbow, and as we found out this week, Maine Moose like rainbows just as much as we do!  Even though it has been a little rainy and windy, we still got to see six moose on two different days, and one time they were lounging beneath a beautiful rainbow out on Moose Pond!  Even though we had some rain, the air was warm and we went right out on the water, a perfect place for some excellent Maine moose watching.  In addition to all the moose, we also got to see a lot of other northern Maine wildlife, including some deer, loon, eagles and more!  We've had some great luck the last few days, and Greenville moose aren't shy- we had one come within five feet of our van!  Luckily our certified safari leaders know how to where to go to find moose in rain or shine!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Here a Moose, There a Moose, Everywhere a Maine Moose!

The best time to see all kinds of Maine moose has officially arrived!  Last night in our private Moose Safari for two new friends all the way from New York City, we were able to see one of nature's finest creations: a whole family of moose!  Our Moose safari crew saw a couple grown males, a few grown females, a yearling AND a newborn calf! It's easy to spot a calf by its reddish fur, and of course, it will stay around with Mom for about a year. This little guy was in good company, because 'tis the season; we've spotted some nesting loons on our last few trips! Pretty soon the whole area will be buzzing with the next generation of playful new wildlife.  What a great sight to see during a wonderful Northern Maine vacation!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moose and Deer and Eagles, Oh My!

Over the past few days our Maine Moose Tours have had the opportunity to see not only a ton of Maine moose, but also all kinds of other wildlife including lots of deer, hare, fox, loons, and even a bald eagle hanging out around the pond.  Over three days, we saw a grand total of 14 moose, and one even came within twenty feet of our group!  On Thursday morning, we were lucky enough to see a bald eagle hanging around a large bull (male moose!) on the pond, which was extra exciting because our group had traveled all the way from South Africa to explore all we have to offer here in the beautiful Northern Maine.  We were so happy to talk with our South African comrades and see how our beautiful Greenville scenery and wildlife compares to their backyard.  What an awesome few days to see all the Maine wildlife and critters out on the pond!
Our South African guests on their way to becoming Moose Safari pros!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Everyone Loves A Moose Or Two...Or 14!

Striking A Pose For Our Nature Explorers! 

Along with our nature exploring Guides were 2 people from France! It was so neat to listen to them speak back and fourth, it's really such a beautiful language! What was more neat was how excited they were when we came across 14 Maine moose! 7 were chilling out in the pond and the other 7 were walking along the side of the road. We also saw a hare and my all time favorite loons or as i like to call them love birds! I found this very ironic because France is a place of love and what did we see? Just thought that was pretty cool! Anyways it was an outstanding trip for our wonderful quests and our guides and we look forwards to another Maine Moose Tour just as awesome as that one!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Great Moose Tour!

On the very muggy but sunny day we had yesterday here in Northern Maine a group of 3 joined us on a Maine Moose Tour. they were great company and very talkative when it came down to seeing the wildlife. The trip certainly didn't lack excitement! We got to see a grand total of 7 moose! 3 were cooling off in the pond and the 4 others were walking around in the roads, so be very careful drivers! We also saw 2 cow and 2 yearling and they were just so adorable! The last animals we came across were loons and hare and they are both too cute! Our group had a wonderful time and so did we! We encourage more people to come book moose tours with Northeast Guide Service because they truly are one of a kind! You just can't see this beautiful wildlife anywhere else!
I knew It...You Were Checking Me Out!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Moose Are Coming! The Moose Are Coming!

What A Moose!

The other day on one of our evening Moose Tours here at Northeast Guide service a group of friends joined us in seeing the beauty of Northern Maine. The weather was a little rainy but it didn't stop the moose from coming out of hiding! We saw a total of 8 moose and our guests were stoked! We also saw 3 deer and 2 loons. It was a great tour and we had a lot of splashing around looking for wildlife! Another group we took on a one of our moose tours consisted of 8 people, one party of 2 combined with a family of 6. We saw 9 moose, 7 of which were all hanging around in the pond together. The other 2 were pretty decent sized bulls standing within five feet of each other. Everyone was happy to be able to experience canoeing while exploring nature in Maine!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Good Luck Charms!

On Yesterdays awesome Maine Moose Tour we brought along some good luck charms! A fantastic group of 10! Just floating along in our canoe we saw 11 Moose! It was such an amazing Moose Tour! We thought the guests were very friendly and apparently the moose did to! They got some awesome shots of the Moose along with 5 bull, 3 cow, 3 yearling, a couple deer and the always proud eagle! something we really love about our job at Northeast Guide Service is seeing how excited people get on the Moose Tours when they see all the wildlife, it's just the best! Bottom line, It was a great time and we encourage more people to come take pictures, have a ball, and create wonderful memories like this group did! Thanks good luck charms!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do You Want The Good News...Or The Better News?

On one of our always wonderful Moose Safaris one outdoorsmen joined us on a private canoe trip. the weather was partly cloudy but nothing a nature explorer can't handle! During our safari we saw 4 moose, 1 bull, 3 cow, 2 love birds...I mean loons, 3 hare, and one fox! Our guest had a great time and we were both lucky to see all of that wildlife but especially the fox, sneaky little creatures! Now the saying here in Maine is if you don't like the weather wait a minute and this next tour is proof that we abide by that saying. It was a Beautiful sunny day and along with us on the tour were a group of four people which happened to be extremely nice... could have been the nice weather causing all the upbeat vibes or maybe it was the moose! Paddling along we saw a grand total of 10 MOOSE! It was an amazing sight! we also saw 2 bull, 4 cow, 4 yearling, 1 hare, 2 loons, a couple cute woodchucks, and ducks followed by there little fir ball chicks! It was a great day to see northern Maine wildlife! This is why we encourage people to join us on our Moose Tours and Moose Safaris, you just don't see nature anywhere else like you do on one of our adventures! Our Guides are awesome and really know their stuff and theres really just nothing like it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Exciting Maine Lake Life

One eager nature explorer joined us on a Moose tour and saw a variety of what our Maine Lakes contain. Canoeing is a great way to explore our Maine Lakes especially if you want to get up close and personal with the aquatic life! It was a little rainy followed by some always wonderful sunshine when we saw 1 deer, 2 loons, 1 eagle, and 5 otters! We do love our other wildlife but otters are a more rare animal to see just hanging around and it was a shocking surprise!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moosin' Around The Moosehead Lake Region!

Two Of The NINE MOOSE We Saw!
Oh deer! It's getting pretty wild on our Daily Moose Safaris. This one married couple may not have brought the sunshine but they certainly brought us some luck with seeing our fantastic Maine wildlife! 3 moose, 1 cow, 2 yearling, 2 hare, and a whopping 5 deer! They saw the moose just hanging out in the bogs and some walking around in the roads, so be extra careful driving out there! On one of our peaceful Private Moose Tours we came across 4 moose, 3 cows, 1 deer, 1 eagle, 1 hare, and 1 fox. It was a great chance to see what we have to offer in the Moosehead Lake Region! One thing that excited them in particular was seeing the 3 of which was a brand new Mamma! And who doesn't love baby moose? What a trip! 4 people made up this adventure seeking group. They day was filled with blue skies and that sunshine we love so much! What was super exciting about this tour was that we made a new personal record for moose sightings! 9 MOOSE total! Along with the moose we saw a grand total of 8 deer, 4 cows, 4 yearling, and my personal favorite 2 loons or love birds, as I like to call them! It really was a gripping adventure!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

We Love Our Moose Moms!
Moose safari's are especially enjoyable when you are with someone you are comfortable with and love MOMS!  On one of our very exciting moose tours a mother joined us as well as her daughter on a Maine moose safari. They had a great time gliding along the river in there canoe on the always lively wildlife search here in Maine. They didn't see any moose but they did come across a cow. Cows are mothers to there yearling so it was quite the coincidence. Something you might have not known is that when the baby deer grow up they tend to separate from there mother, with an exception of the doe. A doe is a female deer and sometimes they like to stick around mom a little longer then the wrest! In a way this small groups relationship resembled just that!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Moose Are Out In The Moosehead Lake Region

Young Bulls Are Out And As Adorable As Ever!
On the Moose Watching Tours the moose are out and about on the evening moose canoe tours in the Moosehead Lake Region. We have had a some awesome tours so far this may! The groups were unique and enjoyed themselves while looking for wildlife on our exciting Moose watching Tours. One group consisted of only two people but much more lively than your average pare. It was a beautiful day the sun was out and shining, we saw a total of seven moose. Thats right SEVEN! They were just hanging out in the bogs and some were even brave enough to explore the roads. On another moose watching tour we met two newlyweds from MI. We took a canoe and saw all the wonders that come with exploring Maine's wildlife. We saw one moose, two cow, 18 hare, and even stumbled upon two loons while floating around with the new love birds! Did you know that loons mate for life? Anyway, the trip was fantastic and we hope our guests are as fortunate as the loons! If deer is what you are looking for you would have loved to join this adventurous three! On there evening moose safari the weather was not as great as the others but the odds definitely played out in there favor. They saw so many deer and had a blast just spending time on the pond! Maine Moose Watching is one of those things that anyone can attend and have the best time. Here at Northeast Guide Service we love to help create new memories for our groups and we love our MOOSE!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moose Watching Tours in Maine have begun!

It's May and moose watching tours in Maine have begun at Northeast Guide Service.  May 1 was opening day for moose tours and we had the pleasure of sharing what the Moosehead Lake Region has to offer through scenery, wildlife and of course...MOOSE
Not only was last evening our first moose tour of the 2013 season, it was also a first for Jessica to take a couple from the Czech Republic on a moose safari in Maine.  Jessica enjoys meeting people from every corner of the United States, but it's always exciting when folks visit from far away places, countries and cultures.  It's not only an opportunity for us to show our beautiful area, but a time to learn from each other.  This couple loves the outdoors and when they travel, they enjoy camping as their means of stay.  They usually tent camp, but this time around decided to try an RV and loved it.  Since most campgrounds in our region aren't open for the season yet, I suggested that they stay at Squaw brook, which is on Plum Creek's land.  It's a lovely spot just outside of Greenville towards Rockwood. 
We met up last evening at Northeast Guide Service for our 4 o'clock tour.  We hadn't even left the Greenville town line and a young yearling bull was standing along the side of the road drinking some water in a ditch.
We continued along our journey and a healthy cow moose was doing the same.  This unseasonably hot Maine weather has really made it imperative for moose to find any stream, brook or muddle puddle to slurp water from!
2 more female moose were found to round out our evening.  We took some amazing pictures, but most importantly enjoyed visiting and learning about each other. 
Our nightcap was the sunset at Blair Hill last evening.  It was simply spectacular. 
"Silhouette" - Blair Hill Sunset
For those of you considering visiting Moosehead Lake, consider a wildlife and moose safari with Northeast Guide Service.  Yes, we understand that everyone wants to see a moose, but it's so much more than that for us.  It's about creating an experience for you and enjoying that experience together.  Come see!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to find moose

When people think of Maine, they think of thousands of miles of rocky coastline, vast forests, lakes, rivers and Moose.  The biggest question for people is how to find moose.  When you are not from Maine, one would think that Maine's moose would simply be strolling down the streets and that Maine people see moose, like they see their neighbor each day at the post office.  Not so.  Moose live in forested areas where there is snow cover in the winter and lakes, ponds, bogs and streams the rest of the year.  Moose are elusive.  Even with their massive size, they are dark and slip into the forests away from the roads people travel on, without ever being noticed.  If you are spending your vacation in Maine, more specifically in the woodlands of Maine, there is always a chance to find a moose.  But, I always ask people when they ask me how to find moose, do you want the chance of seeing a moose or do you want to increase your chances by going with a Registered Maine Guide to see a moose?  For most people, there vacation to Maine is time restricted.  People are trying to pack in all that they can see and do in our beautiful state.  When that is the case, most opt for hiring a Registered Maine Guide to take them to scenic and remote woods ponds.  The neat thing about a guided Maine moose watching tour is that you will learn about the area, but also learn how to find moose, so that when you are on your own, you have the necessary skills to seek out moose for photos.  Consider visiting Maine this year and rather than chancing finding a moose during your vacation, hire a Registered Maine Guide to take you to the best spots for moose watching in Maine.  You will no longer need to ask, how to find moose. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Moose Photos

People love moose photos.  Moose photos of all types.  As Maine Moose Watching guides, we have taken it upon ourselves to post moose photos on our Facebook page, of tours that we have taken people on and moose photos that we have found along the way.  Moose photos connect with people, I think its because moose are so intriguing and can't be found just anywhere.  It's fun to post moose photos and write a caption that makes people laugh or engaged about what the moose is actually thinking.  We invite you to follow us on our Maine Moose Watching Facebook page to see the moose photos that we find funny, cute and most importantly that make you smile. 
If you have never seen a moose and want to capture that special moose photo, join us this season on one of our daily moose watching tours in Maine.  The Moosehead Lake Region & Maine woods offer a vast forest and wetlands where moose live.  We take our guests to remote woods ponds for an experience in nature, with the best guide's for moose photos.
You can also connect with us via our Maine moose tracks blog, right here.  It's easy to follow along with us and join our blog.  Sign in with your Gmail account.  We post moose photos, information regarding our daily moose watching tours, helpful tips related to Maine wildlife and more!
Moose photo of cow and her calf feeding on Maine woods pond

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Moose Canoe Tour: No Joke

Bull moose on Maine pond after our guided canoe tour

When we say, you will be going on a moose canoe tour, it's no joke!  Wildlife watching is a favorite past time for many to enjoy.  Our Maine moose watching tours by canoe are an experience in nature with the best guides.  You will enjoy canoeing on a pond where moose come for feeding.  We center the tours around moose habitat.
On this particular day, the first week of October, this bull moose meandered along the shores of the pond, grazing on vegetation.  It was decided that it was time for us to get off the pond before the moose made his way to the pond access point.  Oh, but he didn't care, just kept lumbering along the shore.  We didn't want to be disruptive to his morning meal, so we scurried out of the way, but had no time to get the canoe, so he paused and posed for great photography.
We get up close and personal with moose, but at a safe distance to not infringe on their habits in the wild.  It's a unique experience and this day was one that definitely goes down in the record books as a unique opportunity.
Come enjoy the wilds of the North Maine Woods with us, see a Maine moose, possibly even see one that you think is going to take the canoe out, like this one!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Moosin' around in the North Maine Woods

The Moosehead Lake Region of Maine was a very snowy place during the month of January, minus the rain that fell to end January on a lack of snow note.  But, a little over a week later the Northeast is getting a massive snow storm, named NEMO, that is truly going to effect New York to Maine.  But, when there is limited snow on the ground, it is very easy for our Maine moose to travel from place to place in the North Maine Woods.  We like to call it Moosin' around in the North Maine Woods and that's what they are doing.  It's so much easier for moose to seek out food and water when there is a lack of snow on roads and woods trails.  These woods trails are what most of us Mainer's call snowmobile trails during the winter months.  This does cause some concern for snowmobile enthusiasts when the snow starts falling again and they are able to get back out on the trails because moose have been active on the woods trails.  Meeting a Maine moose on your snowmobile can be extremely dangerous, so we encourage snowmobilers to be very cautious when riding in the Maine north woods all of the time, but especially at times like these, when there had been limited snow on the trails and then a big influx of snow in a short time.  Be safe out there and watch up for moose!