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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving Thanks

The holidays can be such a hectic time of year for most of us. We find it hard to slow down and reflect on the good things that have happened in our lives. Thanksgiving Day is your first excuse to do so! Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks for all of the blessings you have received during the past year. Yes, we enjoy time with our families and friends, we feast, we may nap, we may watch football, we laugh and enjoy one another. But, every year, we need to take the time to reflect and be thankful for what we have and what we have achieved.
We are thankful for our Registered Maine Guide's that worked hard to provide a special experience for our Maine moose watching guests. Jared, Joanie, Glenn, Jessica, Brett and Brian led many moose tours during the 2011 season. We provide moose and wildlife safaris, both with groups and private tours. Guests can enjoy land and canoe tours to see moose. Our guide's are always eager to take guests to the best spots for maximum moose sightings. Some of us are just as excited as the guests are when we spot moose!
We are thankful for our location and building, overlooking Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine.

We are thankful to be able to provide a service to our guests that is personalized, informative and exciting! Seeking out moose and other wildlife in the North Maine woods is a special journey that our guests really engage in, which makes it fun for all of us!
Thank you to the moose watching guests that joined us in 2011. Some of you, on more than one occasion! We appreciate your continued interest in us and what we do.
Our winter work isn't as glamorous as moose watching is, but we have to do the administrative business during the winter! Stay connected with Maine Moose Watching tours during the winter months, via Facebook, Twitter and our Maine Moose Tracks blog.
We are excited to tell you that we are uploading pictures of some of our moose tours to our new moose gallery, so when that is complete, we'll let you know! Until then...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway and the Shenandoah Mountains

Wildlife and scenery abound during this leg of our road trip. What a beautiful drive our road trip has been. We drove from Asheville to Roanoke, Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway and talk about seeing a lot of deer. Deer are everywhere here. Manny and Abby are so exhausted after this trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway, they are sure to be tuckered out after Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah's. This is beautiful and rolling hillside country, with brick homes and farms along this scenic road, with larger populations, 2-3000 feet below in the foothills. This road trip journey is spectacular and worth it for anyone that loves to take the time to see the country, and is not in a hurry to get anywhere. One thing I've learned on this vacation is that the Northeast is in much more of a hurry than anywhere south of least during this journey, that is for sure! It is an important foot note, since I will try to push less and listen more.
After staying in Roanoke, it was up early and back to our scenic drive. The Blue Ridge Parkway is closed, just north of Roanoke mid November until April for road work, so we skipped it and move on to the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah's. This is deer country to the max! We saw over 100 deer in the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah's. We also saw 3 with her two cubs. I tried really hard to get a picture, but there happened to be another spectator nearby that was noisy, to say the least! Anyone that has joined me on a moose watching tour, knows the importance of being respectful to wildlife, staying quiet and keeping our distance. We saw the 3 bears, so I have them in my memory, but would have LOVED to have gotten a great picture to share. But, I walked away from this memory recalling the importance of quiet observance in nature.

From the scenic drive of the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah's, to Cooperstown, New York and the Baseball Hall of Fame...we are loving our getaway!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great Smoky Mountains

Our trip from Nashville to Asheville was absolutely beautiful. We traveled into Gatlinburg, which is a funky town at the TN entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains. There are tons of activities, shops and restaurants here to enjoy. The drive through the Great Smoky Mountains is beautiful and a must do for anyway that loves the outdoors, mountains, wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Except for Mount Mitchell and Mount Craig, the highest mountain peaks in eastern North America are found in the Smokies - the most massive mountain uplift in the East and one of the oldest land areas on Earth. Sixteen summits rise more than 6000 feet, and the main ridge does not drop below 5000 feet for 36 miles. It's amazing!
Here, at the Newfound Gap, I am 1972.00 miles to Mount Katahdin Maine on the Appalachian Trail.
As we continued on our journey, just before we arrived in Cherokee, NC we happened upon these reindeer, grazing in this field. I was so excited when I saw cars parked along the side of the road. Any one of you that has gone on a Maine moose watching tour with us understands that when you see cars along the roadside in the wilderness, it's either a moose or a PMS (possible moose sighting). This was a confirmed reindeer sighting and five of them, I might add. I can't tell you how excited our dog friends were. We always excite Manny and Abby about seeing MOOSE. So, when we see cows, deer and this time reindeer...they were just as excited as I was!
So, we are in Asheville now and have plans to check out the city and relax again, before our trek north. We feel rested and I would say are both looking forward to traveling north to our home of the great State of Maine. We will be traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway, from start to finish or from finish to start, however you see it. It's 469 miles and I can't wait.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

J really wanted to go to Mammoth Cave National Park and tag another state in our quest to see the U.S., which yesterday we conquered. We love the National Parks and this was another one that definitely lived up to it's potential. Mammoth Cave is an amazing place. As Registered Maine Guide's, we have a lot of respect for those that lead trips and tours. We went on the guided Historic Tour of Mammoth Cave. Our guide was very knowledgeable. We went 310 feet below the earth's surface, into the bowels of Mammoth Cave. We learned about the network of underground paths that are Mammoth Cave and what is yet to be discovered. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous about going on the cave tour because we were told there were sections that would be narrow and that we would have to crouch to get through. Yes, I know, I guide people on whitewater rafting trips, moose tours, and overnight trips in Maine and shouldn't be nervous about going on a cave tour, but I was. There was no reason to be nervous, though. The experience was amazing and well worth it!
In Bowling Green, KY we stopped at the Corvette Museum and then stopped in Portland, TN at the Sumner Crest Winery. The winery representative was awesome. She told us all about wine in TN, we sampled a bit and couldn't leave without purchasing a couple bottles. We have some great ideas for our travels east in TN for some more winery stops along the way!

Veteran's Day Nashville Style

What a great way to spend the day in downtown Nashville and get to see the Veteran's Day parade.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a jungle out there

Ahhh! Relaxation and time for a little fun! Granted this adventure is not moose watching in the wild, but a great way to see unique animals of all kinds. We spent the day at the Jacksonville Zoo. The vision of the zoo is: “Inspiring discovery and appreciation of the Earth’s wildlife through innovative experiences in a caring environment.” We had the pleasure of viewing all types of wildlife and also were given the opportunity to make the experience more interactive. The giraffe exhibit happened to be one of my favorites. These animals are beautiful. The cool thing about the giraffe exhibit at the Jacksonville Zoo is that you can feed the giraffes. I absolutely loved this experience. It was neat to look into their faces, while they gently took the piece of lettuce from my hand.
We saw all types of snakes and reptiles, jaguars, elephants and kangaroos to name a few. There was a native Florida animal section where we saw a red wolf, black bear, tons of birds, alligators and more snakes.
Speaking of birds, we had the chance to enter into a bird sanctuary. Birds drank nectar from little cups we held out for them. It alarmed me at first to have the birds land on me, but I have to admit I really liked this experience!
Going to the zoo is much different than our Maine moose watching tours. Moose watching is truly a wild experience to enjoy in the north Maine woods. But, going to a zoo and seeing animals that I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to see was definitely worth it for me!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taking to the open road!

October is drawing to a close and that means that Northeast Guide Service closes the doors for another season. We met some great people along the way, had some wild adventures, and we always look forward to doing it all over again in the Spring. The doors are closing today and we are hitting the road for a little while. Good timing, snowed in the Northeast and Greenville, Maine got hit with our first snowstorm of the 2011-2012 season. Time for a break. When the woods of Maine are packed with hunters, we are taking the time to drive away. We plan your vacations to Maine and now, we are going to take our vacation and getaway. I'll keep you posted along the way, of our adventures, the wildlife we see, the rivers we ride and maybe we'll even relax a little. So, stay connected with us on Northeast Facebook, our Northeast Whitewater Rafting blog or right here at Maine Moose Tracks!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Maine Moose Tracks - Greenville Maine Moose Watching Tours: We hunt moose, too...for pictures

Maine Moose Tracks - Greenville Maine Moose Watching Tours: We hunt moose, too...for pictures: Hunt: to seek out, to look for, to pursue... Granted we all hunt things, whether it be a deer, bear, moose, or your child that stayed out ...

We hunt moose, too...for pictures

Hunt: to seek out, to look for, to pursue...
Granted we all hunt things, whether it be a deer, bear, moose, or your child that stayed out late after curfew...we understand what it means to hunt and to be hunted.
Well, in Maine, it's hunting season. Hunting for birds, deer, and yes, moose. As most of you know, I hunt moose, too, but I hunt moose to take moose pictures. Call it corny, quirky, or strange, but I get excited every single time that I find my Maine moose. Every opportunity that I have to shoot my camera and capture that unique moose picture, I'll take it. I enjoy watching a moose eat for hours and you actually can, as long as a vehicle doesn't come barreling down the road at 100, but most importantly if you keep an appropriate distance and watch quietly. A moose will let you know if you have crossed the boundary of moose watching to moose harassing, so be respectful.
I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to moose watch since late April this year. It's getting to be that time, when I will have less and less moose sightings, but that's okay, I'll be back in the Spring and so won't they. I cherish the rest of winter, but am eager to meet the calves of 2012, of the cow moose I have grown fondly of hunting down, to take pictures of this season.
I'll keep you posted from now until then of the wildlife that I see along the way. November is a month of rest, travel, and photography for me, so stay in touch and I will to. Until our next Maine moose hunt together...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love and Marriage

"Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, Go together like a horse and carriage..." Ok, so maybe I'm a little over the top today, but he was standing there and when I saw him, yes it was love at first sight. Marriage may come later, but this bull is in the rut. Yes folks, it's mating season again and the big bulls are out and about and I found mine today. I've been patiently waiting, just like this bull is patiently waiting for his lover. Sounds a little silly, I know, but I have been trying, day after day to find a really big bull over the last few weeks and it's been tough. Bulls are elusive, but when they are in the rut, they are seeking out females and it makes it much easier for a moose watching gal like me, to find them. So, far this week, they are coming out of the woods, getting very active and excited for love. The end of September and early October are great times to visit Maine to go on a moose watching tour. Not only are the moose very active during this time, the fall foliage colors are in their peak and it is simply beautiful in Maine. So, whether it's for love, marriage, or just a chance to vacation to Maine, it's beautiful here and you just might fall in love.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer days are fading into Autumn in Maine

This morning's moose watching tour made for a change from my moose tour just a few days ago...there was an autumn chill in the air. When we arrived to canoe this morning, the pond was blanketed by fog. Normally, I can take my binoculars and scan the pond to see if there are moose lurking off in the distance, but not this morning. As always, we remained very quiet, whispering to each other about our planning for a moose watching safari and decided to not waste another minute and go canoeing in the foggy air. We skirted the shoreline scanning for moose, feeling like we were really apart of the beginning of the day, with the birds and frogs. We sat for a short time in one of the moose coves, quietly and patiently waiting for the fog to lift. As we sat, waiting and watching, we heard a sound just off the shoreline in the woods...MOOSE! In anticipation we continued to wait, listening, hoping for the moose to show herself nearby and join us on the pond. As she crunched along, still not visible to us, we continued to patiently wait and then she emerged, stopped, looked around, took a few more steps, stopped and we heard a second moose lumbering along shortly behind her...Not one, but two moose this morning emerged from the fog and woods.

After watching these two moose devour leaves, we left them happily feeding and headed back to the pond take out. To our pleasant surprise a female cow was taking her morning dip. What a highlight for this couple from Connecticut visiting Maine for their vacation.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet is a question that many ask when traveling to far and unknown regions. But, are we there yet doesn't really fit the meaning when on a moose watching tour in Maine. Some Maine moose tours, one may see moose as soon as departing from our basecamp in Greenville. On other tours we drive deeper into the woods to view our infamous Maine moose. See arriving there isn't about a final physical destination, instead the destination is finding a moose or two or three...
On this evening's moose tour by van, our group was impressed by the beauty of the area, the rugged terrain, woodlands, ponds and mountains, but where are we going? We are in search of moose in the vast forested area and moose we did find! A BIG bull moose and I mean BIG was standing in the center of the road this evening. Shrieks of excitement in the vehicle for this big fella! We stopped the van and took the time to watch the bull walk away from the road, back into the forest, but I can definitely tell you, we arrived, so yes, we're there yet.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Gift - North Maine Woods

Well today's private moose watching tour was interesting (in a unique and good way), so I have to take the time to write about it. This lovely couple from North Carolina is visiting Maine and enjoying their 5th wedding anniversary. Of course I asked all about their vacation travels to this point and how they came to choose the Moosehead Lake region as their final destination on their vacation to Maine. They explained that since it is their 5th wedding anniversary and the gift of wood is common for the 5th wedding anniversary, they chose the North Maine Woods to celebrate! We saw 5 moose on today's 5 year wedding anniversary moose safari in the North Maine Woods. I would say it turned out to be a great way to spend their 5th wedding anniversary on this beautiful, sunny morning in Maine, looking for moose and enjoying the area.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birders come to Maine for Birding and Moose!

Maine is a wonderful place for birders to visit, not just "moosers". Granted, here at Maine Moose Watching Tours we do enjoy the moosers, but birding is a big part of our wildlife tours, as well. You can see hooded mergansers, black ducks, mallards, turkey's, loons, eagles, hawks, possibly a pileated woodpecker and warblers of all kinds! For many moose watching tour guests, it's nice for them to simply hear the bird songs and our morning moose watching tours are perfect for the birds to be out. Come, give a Maine moose watching tour a try and see birds, too!

Praying mantis, no it's a praying moose

People that join us on our Maine moose watching tours are always amazed by moose when they are kneeling along the sides of the road ways, slurping in the puddles and feeding on the grass near the roads. The moose truly look like a massive moose sized praying mantis! The moose kneel down to drink water, feed on fresh grass and roots and it looks like they are praying. Maybe they are just thankful for their fresh garden meal. Either way, it's really a unique picture that folks enjoy taking.

Peekaboo Moose

We canoed today on our moose watching tour and kept seeing a glimpse of a moose "peekabooing" in and out of the woods. We quietly sat and waited for the moose to come out of the woods and to our luck the moose emerged from the woods to start eating on the pond. We all called her our Peekaboo moose. We saw moose, loons, rabbit and deer on today's Maine moose watching tour.

Beaver dam, bogs, and Maine moose!

There are plenty of beaver dams in the north Maine woods and today at the beaver bog, we saw a big bull moose standing in the water! We also saw a cow with her calf today during the Maine moose watching tour. The weather was beautiful and it was a great day for wildlife and moose watching in Maine!

A Moose and its Salad Bar

We saw 2 moose on today's moose tour, loons and rabbits. It was beautiful to see the bull moose in the pond eating and man do they eat a lot! Our Registered Maine Guide's take you to the best spots to see moose and other wildlife. But, more importantly our guide's do the best job at keeping the group together and quiet, that way you can sit and watch moose for hours. Since moose are vegetarians they eat the fresh vegetation on the ponds and can devour 40-50 pounds of fresh vegetation in a day. That's a big salad bar!

Maine Loons and Moose

The loons were calling and swimming in the pond today by our canoes. We always seem fortunate enough to visit the loons while on the pond viewing moose, but today was incredible. The rain started while we were canoeing and the loons kept swimming and singing near us. We saw 4 Maine moose today - a large bull, 2 female cow moose and a yearling.

Dog wait, it's a moose bath!

We saw 4 moose on this evenings Maine moose safari. There was a large cow moose on the pond this evening. Our group was able to enjoy canoeing on the pond and sit quietly by to watch the moose bathe. The cow moose kept shaking off in the water like a wet dog! It wasn't a dog bath, though, the pond became the moose's tub and it was neat to watch a moose bath. Maine moose watching tours are an amazing way to watch moose in their natural habitat. Our Registered Maine Guide's do an incredible job of keeping the groups contained and quiet, not to disturb moose in their natural setting. Join us and see!

Maine Moose Watching for your birthday

Group moose safari this evening on our Maine moose watching tour. One of the little girl's on tonight's tour turned 5 year's old today. What a great way to spend your birthday! We saw two nice sized bull's. One bull moose had big, beautiful velvet antlers and the other walked along the shore bank towards the other bull. We saw deer, loons and rabbits tonight, as well!

It's been a while...

Sorry that it's been a while since my last Maine moose watching post! Summer in Maine has been wonderfully busy. The seasons will be changing soon and the summer activities are beginning to slow down. One thing is for certain, even though summer vacationers are not so prevalent in the area, the moose are out and about. So, without further ado, I need to get you back up to speed...Maine moose watching tours are such a great way to see Maine's woods, ponds and mountains, so join us!

Last Minute Vacations

Many people chose to visit Maine for last minute vacations because there is so much to enjoy, see and do in Maine. For instance, this weekend is the International Seaplane fly-in, which offers many activities to enjoy in the area, in addition to seeing moose! Come to the Moosehead Lake area for your last minute vacation to shop, dine, raft in Maine, see moose or simply relax!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Morning Moose Tours in Maine

Today's morning moose tour was picture perfect! We saw 7 Maine moose on the water this morning!!! While we enjoyed watching the moose feed, one moose decided to go for a dip and swam from one side of the pond to the other. Maine moose watching is so much fun and a great way to start your day! Come experience Maine, the way life should be, and see moose!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheap Vacation Ideas

The perfect cheap vacation is to come up to Maine and enjoying the great outdoors. There's a lot of amazing wildlife to see such as moose watching on canoe and land tours. This afternoon we went on a canoe tour to a secluded pond to watch moose in their natural habitat. We had 4 groups, all couples and a couple of teens. We saw 4 moose on the pond: 1 bull, 2 cows, and a yearling! It was the perfect place to listen to the loons singing and watch the warm sunset behind the mountains. We all had a great time enjoying nature!

Romantic Getaways

A perfect romantic getaway is to come and stay on Moosehead lake in Maine. Whether you want to lay out on the beach or do some outdoor activities, Maine is a great place for relaxing or keeping busy! Maine moose watching tours go out daily and can be on land or canoe. This evening we had a couple with the AMC come on a canoe tour to watch moose eat on a secluded pond. We ended up seeing a bull, a cow, and even a bear cub! It was the perfect place to watch the sunset behind the mountains. We hope that they had an unforgettable night!

Best Family Vacation Deals

A great vacation deal is to come to Maine and take advantage of the great lodging and outdoor activities available. Today we had 2 families come rafting and moose watching with us on their vacation. We went on an evening canoe tour to watch some moose in their natural habitat. It was a perfect sunny day in the 80's to be out on the pond. We got to watch 3 moose eating; 1 bull and 2 cows! We also spotted some loons and hare on our tour. It was an awesome way to spend the evening and save money!

New England Vacation Package

When you come to Maine in New England there are a lot of great vacation packages to take advantage of. Whether it's an overnight camping trip or a week packed full of fun activities, companies such as Northeast Guide Service can keep you busy and even book your lodging! We offer moose watching tours, waterfall hikes, rafting, and wildlife safaris. This morning we had a father come with his two kids for a canoe tour to see some moose. It was a beautiful morning and we got to watch a cow eating on the pond. We all had a great time taking pictures and watching her swim in the water near our boat! It was the perfect way to spend the morning in Maine.

Maine Moose Tour

Taking a trip to Maine and want to see some of their famous moose? Come moose watching in Greenville. Located on Moosehead lake, Greenville has experienced guides that can take you to the best spots to see moose in their natural habitat. Today we had two couples and a family come with us on an evening land tour. We got to watch 4 moose; 1 bull and 3 cows! We got great pictures of the bull eating on the edge of a beautiful pond with mountains in the background. We also got to see deer and ducks on our tour. It was the perfect night to spend outdoors experiencing the amazing wildlife!

Best Family Vacation Spots

One of the must-see spots for a family vacation is Greenville, Maine. Located in the north woods on Moosehead Lake, Greenville has the best activities for your family to enjoy. Some of the popular wildlife tours in Greenville includes moose safaris. Today we set out with 3 families from Wisconsin, the Netherlands, and Connecticut. We went on an evening canoe tour to watch moose on a secluded pond. We saw 6 moose on our tour; 2 bulls and 4 cows! We also got to see deer, loons, and hare. While we were canoeing around the pond we were amazed when we got to listen to coyotes howling. It was the perfect spot to spend an evening in Maine!

New England Places to Visit

A great place to visit in New England is the beautiful state of Maine. Known for its beaches and wildlife, Maine offers lots of great activities for families and couples a like. Moose tours are a great way to see some amazing mountains, Moosehead Lake, and secluded ponds. Today we had a couple from New York and a mother and daughter from Pennsylvania come visit to go on an evening canoe tour. We watched 5 moose on our tour: 4 cows and a yearling! We also got to see 5 deer, loons, hare, and a fox. Everyone was happy to get some great photos of the moose in their natural habitats!

Weekend Family Vacation

Maine is a great place for a weekend vacation. There are plenty of great activities for families, and beautiful resorts located on Moosehead Lake. The best outdoor activity is for moose watching and there are companies that provide guided canoe and van tours to see them! Today we had a family come in from Massachusetts that were stopping in Maine for a night on their way to Quebec. We went on a morning canoe tour and the weather was perfect! We watched 5 moose feeding on the pond; 4 cows and a yearling. We also got to see a deer, a hare, and a fox. The family had never canoed before, but they had a great time learning on the secluded calm pond. It was a perfect way to spend the weekend!

Last Minute Travel Ideas

If you need some ideas for your last-minute vacation then enjoying the wildlife in Maine is perfect for you! Nature is open 24/7 and moose watching tours in Maine go out mornings and evenings daily. Today we had a couple and a family come with us on an evening canoe tour to see some moose. While canoeing we got to watch a cow and a bull feeding on the pond! On the way home a moose almost got hit by a logging truck, but thankfully it ran out of the way in time was fine! It was a great way to have a last-minute exciting evening.

Romantic Getaways in Maine

The best place in Maine to go for a romantic getaway is Greenville. A small town located next to the largest lake in Maine, Greenville has an abundance of things to do that range from exciting to relaxing. One way to get some excitement is to go on a moose tour. Today we went on a private evening van tour with a married couple from Long Island. We drove to the best spots in Greenville to see moose and found 3 cows and 2 calves! We also saw 2 fawns and a deer on the bank of a pond. It was sunny with thunderstorms, but we were in the van so who cares according to Tom! Tom was filled with piss and vinegar and was a huge jokester during the tour!

Budget Family Vacations

A great location for your vacation is Greenville, Maine. Located in Northern New England, Maine is well known for its beaches, mountains, and beautiful wildlife! Enjoying the great outdoors is the best way to spend your vacation on a budget. In Greenville, Maine moose watching tours are exciting and unforgettable! Today we had a family come from New York City to go on an evening canoe tour. Thunderstorms kept us out of the canoes, but we drove to the best spots in Greenville to see moose in their natural habitat. We saw 7 moose! There were 4 cows, 2 yearlings, and even a red young calf. We also got to see loons, baby ducklings with their mother, and hares. It ended up being an amazing night!

Best Family Vacation Spots

One of the best spots to pick for your family vacation is Greenville, Maine. Located in the north woods, Greenville is packed with an abundance of family adventures that everyone will enjoy. One of these adventures is Maine moose watching. Today we went out in the morning on a canoe ride to see some wildlife. On the tour we got to watch a moose eat, some deer, and a fox! It was a beautiful warm Maine morning, and the perfect way to start the day!

Family Vacation Ideas

If you're looking for an unforgettable family vacation then Maine is the place for you. Between the nature and wildlife, there are endless possibilities to what you can do! Some of the things that Maine is best known for are moose tours, hiking, rafting, camping, the beach, and so much more! Today we had 2 families come with us on an evening canoe trip to see some moose and wildlife! The tour was a great success and we saw a deer, 5 loons, an eagle, a hare, and 2 moose! A bald eagle even flew low and close to us while we were in the canoes! It was an awesome night and we all had a fantastic time!

Family Vacations on a Budget

Save some money on your vacation this summer without giving up the adventure. Exploring the nature and wildlife in Maine is the best way to get the most out of your vacation without breaking the bank! Today we went moose watching in the evening on a canoe. It was a warm night with a little wind - the perfect time to see moose on the pond! We got to watch a bull, a cow, a yearling, loons, ducks, hare, and even a fox on our tour! It was the first time that everyone on the trip had ever seen moose, so they were all very excited and loved the tour!

Best Vacations for Families

The best way to make your vacation with your family unforgettable and exciting is to enjoy nature in Maine. Maine moose watching tours allow you to see some amazing wildlife and get a taste of adventure. Today we went on an evening canoe tour with a family from South Korea. The weather was perfect and we got to see 2 cow moose and 3 loons! While canoeing around the pond we actually got to watch one of the moose swimming right in front of us! We were all amazed at how well the moose was able to swim! We hope that the family had as much fun as we did!

Places to Visit in New England

If you're planning a trip to New England, Maine should be at the top of the list. Maine is packed full of fun activities to do like moose tours, hiking, rafting, or even hanging out on the beach. Today a couple came to the north Maine woods to go on a private evening canoe tour. The thunderstorms kept us from being able to go canoeing, but it didn't keep the moose away! We saw 6 moose! One bull, 4 cows, and a calf. We also got to see deer, loons, turkey vultures, hare, and a fox. It was one of the most amazing feelings to be able to watch a calf drink milk from her mother. They stuck around right next to our van for 20 minutes and let us take pictures of them in their natural habitat. What a great night!

Places to Visit in Maine

A must see destination in Maine is the northern woods. Areas like Greenville are the best spots to see the beautiful wildlife and nature available in Maine. Moose watching is a popular activity in the area, with guided tours to make the sight seeing leisurely and unforgettable! Today we had a couple from North Carolina come on an evening canoe tour. It was sunny with a thundershower, but the storm didn't keep the moose away! We got to watch 2 bulls feeding on the pond, as well as a cow, deer, loons, and hare. We hope that they had a great time on their trip!

Best Family Vacation in Maine

The best way to get the most out of your vacation in Maine is to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Moose watching tours are perfect for the family because everyone can enjoy the wildlife that Maine is well known for. Today we had two families come to the north woods for a night time van tour. We drove to the best sites to see moose in Maine and got to see 3 moose! One was a large bull, and the other two were a cow and her calf. It was an amazing experience to be able to watch a calf drinking milk from her mother in their natural habitat! The night won't be easily forgotten.

Friday, July 8, 2011

College trip to Maine for family getaway

This family from New York were visiting Maine to getaway as a family before their oldest daughter goes to college in the fall. I can't think of a better place to vacation to than Maine, for a family to spend time together. Tonight we saw a bull moose on the drive to the pond. The velvet on his antlers looked dark and fuzzy! It was a beautiful evening to canoe together. We saw loons and ducks while paddling on the pond. It was a beautiful evening in Maine to see moose!

4th of July weekend in Maine for Moose Watching

The 4th of weekend was a busy one for Maine moose watching and wildlife tours. Not only were the moose on the loose in Maine, so were visitors from near and far! In total during this 3 day holiday weekend, Northeast Guide Service guests and guide's saw 20 moose on the ponds, roadways and shore banks of Maine's woods and waterways! The weather was the way it should be in Maine during the 4th of July weekend...HOT! We saw moose feeding on the ponds. One Registered Maine Guide said that the moose were coming out of the woodwork on her Maine moose watching tour. Not only did we see 20 moose, we saw deer, partridge, many duck families, loons, a plethora of frogs, rabbits, and fox - now that is wildlife watching in Maine at it's best! Our Registered Maine Guide's enjoyed meeting vacationers to Maine from Virginia, California, New York, and Maine! If you are looking to getaway to Maine on your next vacation, join Maine Moose Watching tours and come on a moose safari with us. You have your pick of morning moose watching or evening moose watching tours! It's an amazing experience. You will learn area information, local knowledge, see wildlife and have a great time!

Couples retreat to Maine woods to see Moose

Today's Maine moose watching tour was a couple's retreat from the Moosehead Lake region to the north woods to see our Maine moose. The weather was sunny and in the 70's on this balmy evening in Maine. I can honestly say that tonight's tour was one of the best by far (at least for me as a Registered Maine Guide). We put on the pond to canoe and we were already thrilled to be seeing moose feeding on the pond. At that moment a bald eagle flew in and landed on a dead tree. This bald eagle perched in the cove for almost an hour! While we watched the moose, the eagle was fishing! It was such an amazing sight. In total we saw 4 moose tonight on our Maine moose safari. What a great time. Come to Maine to see moose and in this case a bald eagle with Maine Moose Watching tours!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacations in Northeast

One of the must-see destinations in the Northeast are the north Maine woods! At Northeast Guide Service we can help you make the most out of all the adventure that Maine has to offer. One of the trips that we can provide for you is a moose safari! Today we had a couple from New Jersey come with us on our adventure. We took them canoeing around an quiet pond to watch moose eating on the shore and in the water! We saw 3 moose-1 bull and 2 cows- and got to listen to the loons swimming around us. What an amazing way to spend your vacation in the Northeast!

Last Minute Vacation Packages

At Northeast Guide Service you can plan your entire vacation experience in just one stop. We had a family of 5 come in that had just arrived in the area earlier that day. They wanted to keep their 3 children (under the age of 10) entertained for the week! We helped them set up a moose safari for that night, a waterfall hike the next day, and even a white water rafting trip on the third day! On our moose safari we brought them to a quiet pond deep in the north Maine woods. We set them up with one of our experienced guides in a canoe and watched 5 moose feeding on the pond! We also got to see 5 deer, loons, ducks, 4 hare, and a fox! We hope that they had an amazing week with us here in Maine!

New England Places to Visit

While planning your trip to New England the Maine woods should be at the top of the list! The north Maine woods are a great place to visit to get a taste of adventure and wildlife. Northeast Guide Service has lots of exciting activities to keep you busy- some of which are moose safaris, wildlife tours, waterfall hikes, and white-water rafting. Today we had 2 girls from Pennsylvania that were touring New England. They chose to come to our base in Greenville, Maine to see some wildlife on one of our moose safaris! We canoed around a secluded pond and watched 3 moose eating in the water! We also sat by the shore of the pond and listened to a large group of moose grunting over a dispute! On the back roads on the way back we also saw a deer, a fox, 3 hares, and 4 turkeys! I hope that they had a great time during their visit!

Best Maine Vacation

The best way to spend your vacation in Maine is to enjoy the great outdoors in the Maine woods. Northeast Guide Service offers a number of different adventures so that your trip is exciting and unforgettable! Some trips that we do are moose safaris, wildlife tours, waterfall hikes, and white water rafting. Today we set off to the north Maine woods for a moose safari with a family from France. We brought them out to a quiet pond to watch moose eating in their native habitat. We ended up seeing 9 moose- 1 bull and 8 cows! We also saw a deer, 2 loons, a hare, and a beaver batting its tail on the water. What a great way to get the most out of your vacation in Maine!

Things to do in Maine

The best things to do in Maine are to enjoy what Maine is best known for: the outdoors! Northeast Guide Service is a company located in Greenville, Maine that offers a number of different fun activities that are suitable for couples or even family trips! Between moose safaris, wildlife tours, waterfall hikes, and white-water rafting, there's always something exciting to do! Today we had a group of people from Connecticut join us in the north Maine woods for a moose safari. While canoeing on an isolated pond we got to watch 3 moose eating in the same cove! One was an adorable bull yearling, and the other 2 were large cows. We also saw 3 deer on our adventure! It was an unforgettable experience.

Cheap Vacation Ideas

If you're planning your vacation on a budget, we have the best ideas for you to have fun without breaking the bank. Northeast Guide Service offers a number of different outdoor activities to keep you entertained! One of the trips that we can do for you is a
wildlife safari in the north Maine woods. This afternoon we took out a doctor and a retired school teacher from South Carolina. We canoed around a beautiful isolated pond and watched 3 moose eat in the water! We also got to see loons swimming around our boat and some hares in the back dirt roads. What better way to save money than to enjoy the great outdoors!

Romantic Maine Getaways

One of the most romantic and intimate places to visit are the north Maine woods in Greenville, Maine. You can stay in a cozy cabin right on the lake, or at bed and breakfast in town. There are plenty of great adventures for couples to do as well! Northeast Guide Service offers lots of activities such as wilderness tours, waterfall hikes, and rafting. Today we did an afternoon moose safari with a couple on their honeymoon. For our tour we canoed on an isolated pond in search of some moose. We had great luck! We saw 7 moose total- 1 bull, 4 cows, and 2 yearlings. It was the perfect place to watch the sun set over the mountains. We hope that they had a fantastic time and enjoy the rest of their honeymoon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Minute Vacations

Today we took to the north Maine woods to go on a wildlife adventure! We had a trip going out with Northeast Guide Service on a moose safari. About half an our before we left a couple came in and actually decided to join us on our scheduled trip! Our tours are a great last minute plan if you want to add some adventure to your day. We saw 6 moose on our tour- a bull, 3 cows, a yearling, and a tiny calf! We watched a mother and her calf eating in a bog. We think that they calf must have been born only a couple weeks ago! We also saw 2 deer and a raccoon while canoeing around a secluded pond. Kate from our trip claimed to be a jinx when it came to seeing moose, but we think that we broke the curse!