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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mother Nature's Therapy: Moose Watching

We all need a little of Mother Nature's Therapy every now and again.  We enjoyed a blue sky morning this AM for moose and wildlife watching. Thankfully, with the meteorologists messing up the weather most of the summer we have been fortunate that the predicted rainy days have turned out to be beautiful blue sky days.  As you plan your nature therapy vacation to see moose consider the time of year.

Moose watching in June is of course the best month all year round to see the most moose per tour.  Our guides were seeing upwards of 15-18 moose on some of the June moose tours.  You can imagine with black flies and mosquitoes pestering us, they love to mess with the moose.  That is why June is such a busy moose watching month.  The moose get literally driven out of the woods to clear, open areas where we are waiting patiently to photograph them! 

As the weather warms and bugs taper off, July continues to be a good month for wildlife and moose sightings. The moose calves are beginning to mature and travel more often with momma moose, so seeing the calves at this monthly stage is always a highlight for our moose watching guests. 

August is a warm month when the sun angle here in northwestern Maine begins to change, so preference of morning or evening moose watching tours is up to you.  We average 4 moose per tour during this time and consistently see moose on the remote woods ponds feeding each day.

There is less traffic and commotion in September.  The kids have returned to school books and class room time.  Parents tend to be settling back into their fall work routines, so those that vacation in September tend to have Maine all to themselves.  Moose rut begins in the later part of September, so bulls tend to be less predictable (you understand why...vavavavoom)!!

Early October brings beautiful fall colors to cover Maine's landscape.  What a perfect time to capture that amazing fall foliage and bull moose picture, right?!  The days begin to be much cooler in the mornings and evenings here in Maine, but it's a spectacular time to breathe in the fresh, crisp fall air and enjoy the landscape that Mother Nature has painted for us.

If you have never seen a moose, it's time to venture to Maine's woods for an adventure like no other.  Calm, quiet, beauty.  Nature's therapy.  Come relax with us and enjoy a Maine moose watching tour with Mother nature and let Northeast Guide Service be your guides! 
Young bull moose in July on Maine pond