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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ending August with a Bang!

It's been a busy 10 days in the Moose community, we almost did not have time to tell you all about how successful our Maine Moose watching tours have been!  We've had some really exciting moose safaris with some special encounters.  On August 19th we saw a total of five Maine moose, two of which were HUGE bulls!  The next day, our group tour spotted yet another big bull moose, causing a frenzy of excitement from some of our younger guests.  The big moose stuck around for a few days, giving several of our group moose watching tours and private moose safaris plenty of opportunities for picture taking- who knew moose were so photogenic!  One family traveled all the way to visit the Moosehead Lake Region from Scotland.  They had such a great time on their moose watching tour that Al drew up a fantastic sketch of one of the moose he saw!  
In addition to all of the big bull moose we've seen, we've also gotten the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the littlest moose out there- the little baby calves!  Normally, Mama Moose is so protective of her baby that it can be dangerous to get too close.  On August 17th, one cow left her calf to venture to the other side of the pond to eat.  It was a very rare opportunity to observe a little calf playing on his own while Mama Moose gets some dinner.  Just two days before, we watched as a cow called to her calf and the calf ran to her to have his dinner!  It's always interesting to be able to watch the interactions between mother and calf in a truly natural setting.  
Other than lots of moose, we've also been seeing a bunch of loons, deer, beavers, even an occasional blue heron!  One of our trips, on August 15th, was a fun filled FULL day trip with a family of four from the United Kingdom!  We don't always have full day trips, but this family could not get enough of Maine moose and we were more than happy to have them!  We paddled out on two different ponds, went swimming at Mount Kineo, and journeyed through the Maine outdoors to see moose, deer, loons, and a blue heron.  
It has been a great August and although we're sad to see the summer come to an end, we all know that September brings some of the finest moose watching of the year.  In the past 10 days, we've seen a grand total of over 45 moose.  In September, we enter that time of year when a bull moose starts looking for someone to spend the winter with- that's right, a bull moose in the rut will travel hundreds of miles to find the right lucky lady, and we'll be there to take his picture when he does!  The bulls will be strutting their stuff and the cows will be all dolled up and ready to pose when we paddle out in our canoes to see them, you can count on that!  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maine Moose Watching in August

One of the main Maine Moose watching questions we get is "Am I guaranteed to see a moose?"  The answer to that question, in a nutshell, is of course no, we cannot guarantee a moose.  Our Registered Maine Guides work very hard to give us the very best opportunities of seeing moose, and we adjust our tour times to the dinner clock of a Maine Moose, but nothing in life is ever guaranteed!  The month of August, with all of its heat and sunshine, does a good job to drive most of us either to the shade of an umbrella on a windy beach, to the ice cream store, or really just anywhere that has air conditioning.  The same is true for our furry moose friends!  Even though it has been less than desirable weather, we have been successful in moose sightings 85% of the time so far this August, and just in the past week, that success rate has jumped up to 95%!  In 3 out of 4 trips, we see at least 2 or more Maine Moose.

Part of what makes a Maine moose watching tour so special with Northeast Guide Service is the atmosphere here in nature.  Our group moose safaris head to remote woods ponds where the water is peaceful and the calm in the air compliments the majestic Maine wildlife around us.  In addition to moose, we also see many other creatures such as deer, loons, eagles, owls, blue herons, otters, beavers, raccoons, and even an occasional bear.  We do our best to observe, and not intrude upon, the wildlife around us.  Observing a moose in his or her daily routine, a playful calf toying with his mother, a young bull putting on a show for a nearby cow- we see it all!  It is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the great New England outdoors.

As we continue into the end of August and further into September, all of our moose watching tours will be enhanced by the immaculate foliage as summer fades to fall.  The moose and other creatures are more plentiful as it starts to cool off, and we have the hands-down BEST opportunities to take pictures of our beautiful area.  The time to go see some Maine moose is upon us!

Friday, August 9, 2013

So Many Moose, So Little Time!

There is no question about it- it is most definitely summertime here in the Moosehead Lake region.  The hot, humid weather along with occasional thunderstorm has been no match for our eager moose watching guests as we continue to trek through all sorts of weather to find our Moose friends.  With all of the moose we've been seeing, it's been hard to even find the time to document our trips!  In the last few weeks, we have been averaging about 4 moose per trip- both morning and evening.  Not only have the moose been out and about, but we have also been seeing a blue heron, black bears, bald eagles, loons, deer and even a lynx!
Some highlights from our past few tours have been seeing a small cow swim across the whole pond right in front of us, seeing moose in a thunderstorm, a calf playing in the rain, a couple of friendly bulls that walked right over to us, a bald eagle with moose, plus one BIG bull moose that we saw on several big that one guests said it made their YEAR!  Now that is one huge bull moose!
The weather has gone up and down, but contrary to popular belief, this doesn't stop the Maine moose from coming out to visit us!
The bottom line is, this summer is cranking through, we can't believe how quickly the days are starting to get shorter.  We've got some wonderful Registered Maine guides scouting out the moose each day so that our guests have the best chance of seeing some, and they've been delivering!  We've had a fantastic July with some excellent guests, and we thank everyone who has joined us so far.  We do encourage anyone that is thinking about a Maine Moose watching tour or Private Moose Safari to make advance reservations- our spots are very limited and usually fill a week or two in advance!  There are just so many moose to see!