Show me an example Maine Moose Tracks - Greenville Maine Moose Watching Tours: May 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Think We Met the Moose Lady!

Leaving from Greenville, Maine on this late May evening, I was surprised to meet a new moose lover on our Maine Moose Tour. Even though our group was only myself and the "moose lady," she truly had enough enthusiasm for a large group! As we took to the North Maine Woods, we saw two moose in the road! Entranced by their light and dark coats, we carried on to the pond. We began our walk and were stopped by four deer meandering along the trails. This was just the beginning of the wildlife we were going to see! While we sat paddling in the canoe, the "moose lady" was delighted to see a large bull eating in the pond. What a success for Northeast Guide Service! It is always an amazing experience to be on a wildlife safari with another moose lover. We heard the echos of two loons swimming around the pond. We saw two ducks swimming as well, maybe looking for a good place to nest. Even though the weather was a little windy, it didn't keep away all of the beautiful wildlife that we got to interact with!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning moose tour with Mainers!

It was a beautiful morning in Maine! Our morning moose tour began at 6 AM with two friends from Westport Island, Maine. These two ladies were on a getaway, to relax and enjoy a drive and see wildlife. We definitely fulfilled their request!
We took to the woods in search of moose and other wildlife. There were plenty of deer out this morning, with big white tails. The galloped across the roads in front of us on many occasions. We arrived at the pond and to our luck a bull moose was eating his morning breakfast on the pond. The wind was blowing down stream, so there was no chance of the moose catching a whiff of us! We had the opportunity to watch the moose for quite a while. Brenda mentioned that even though she has seen moose in the past, it's neat to see them on a pond, in their natural state, simply eating.
On the trip back to Greenville, Maine we saw another moose, smaller cow standing alongside the roadway. She wasn't very photogenic and was more interested in getting away than having her photo taken. The view on our ride back of Moosehead Lake was spectacular! Beautiful blue skies are shining in Maine and we are happy to be out and about, Moosin' Around with Northeast Guide Service!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The most moose on my moose safari yet this season!

What an amazing night at Northeast Guide Service! Thank you, Brenda, Barbara and Matt. It was so nice laughing with the 3 of you and I'm so glad I was fortunate enough to be your guide! We didn't have to go far this evening to see our first moose standing in the roadway! Brenda was sitting in the front with me and was completely amazed that a moose would be right there, right now, so soon! We continued on our journey to the North Maine Woods. What an absolutely beautiful night to paddle on the pond. It was peaceful and calm.
My group is from Florida, Barbara and her twin sister Brenda and Barbara's husband, Matt. These are the tours that I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am because this was a great group of people to spend the evening with.
While on the pond we heard a lot of noise in the woods and had the fortunate luck of coming upon a red hooded woodpecker! It flew right over our heads, while we were relaxing in the cove and then hammered away at a tree and wasn't there an echo! This was a nice looking bird that I'm disappointed I didn't have my camera trigger ready.
As we headed back to take off the pond, I thought I saw a moose in the distance. Brenda was in the canoe with me and I said, "There's a moose straight ahead!" Brenda didn't see it at first, but as we motored ourselves (physically) across the pond paddling ahead and hard, to our luck a young cow. I laughed so hard as I turned around to see Barbara and Matt following closely behind, but not close enough for Barbara.
Here are some great photos of this evening's Maine moose safari and our moose on the pond.

As we headed back to Greenville, we saw 6 more moose!! It was an incredible time and a great experience to share. These 3 moose safarian's were a blast to share the evening with!

Clear skies in Moosehead Lake Maine & Moose!

Northeast Guide Service had two moose safaris this evening. Let me tell you a little about Jared's tour first.
Jared had a mixed group from all over the country. They came together for a common goal of finding our Maine moose. Today was such a warm day, with clear skies and the pond was like glass. There were loons singing on the pond and tons of rabbits on the roadways. Jared's group saw 2 moose this evening, one on the pond and one on the roadway during their journey back to Northeast Guide Service. The moose on the pond was a young cow, probably 2-3 years old. She came to the pond for dinner and didn't mind enjoying her meal while the group gazed at her. At one point the moose exited the pond to sneak away into the woods. But, as the group waited patiently, she came back into viewing for more of the photo shoot. What a great way to spend an evening together, getting to know people from all over and experiencing Maine's natural beauty and to see Moose!

Northeast Guide Service Moose Report

Wow, what a great way to kick off the pre-Memorial week with moose safaris! Jared took a couple from New Hampshire, visiting Maine for some adventure. We are creating a trip package for them, actually, called the 3 PACK. The 3 PACK consists of Waterfall Hike, Moose Safari and Whitewater Rafting. The Crosson's enjoyed all three with us on their vacation to Maine, so we are calling this our 3 PACK.
Today's tour was a canoe tour and we saw 1 hare, 1 grouse (partridge for us Mainer's) and 1 turkey. Oh, of course we can't forget our bull moose of the evening! It was a small moose, but the group enjoyed seeing him.
Join Northeast Guide Service on a Moose Safari in Maine!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

50th Wedding Anniverary and Honeymooners today on a Maine Moose Safari

The stars were aligned in so many ways for today's moose safari and wildlife tour. Roy and Yvonne have a successful marriage of 50 YEARS together!!! Roy told me that the reason it's successful is because of 3 words: "You're right, dear." Roy was quite the jokester and I enjoyed, tremendously, the opportunity to be his guide. His 80th birthday is next week! Peter and Becky on the other hand have been married for 1 week and came to Maine to spend their honeymoon. These two couples had the fortunate luck of coming together this evening for a moose tour with Northeast Guide Service. Divine intervention, I don't know, but an amazing time, yes, that's for certain!

It was the evening of twos for us: 50th wedding anniversary for two, Honeymoon for two and two moose, two deer and two rabbits. Roy and Yvonne are visiting Maine from New Mexico and Peter and Becky are visiting from England. Ironically, Yvonne was born and raised in England and lived there until she was 17. She enjoyed talking to the honeymooners about England, since she grew up near to where they currently live. None of them had seen moose in the wild until their visit to the Moosehead Lake Region of Maine.
We took to the woods for our evening moose safari and wildlife tour. Becky spotted our first moose of the evening, which was a bull moose grazing on leaves. Pictured here are photos of the bull moose. You can see the beginning of re-growth of what will be his antlers as the season goes on. Each year, as the bull moose ages, the rack grows larger.
On our return to Greenville, this cow moose came sauntering across the road at us. The picture is a little blurry; since it was getting dark, but we all were pleasantly surprised and trying our best to get pictures.
Joining Northeast Guide Service on a Maine Moose Safari is more than a trip to the woods to seek out moose; it's an experience where you see beautiful scenery, learn local area knowledge, meet people from all walks of life and see Moosehead Lake Maine's infamous creature, the Maine Moose. Join us!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Alta, Euell and I took to the woods on our morning moose safari to seek out Maine moose (and other wildlife). The young moose I have pictured here, says, "Wait up mom! I've got people staring at me. I'm out of here!" We saw 5 moose on our moose tour, 3 rabbits, a Golden Eagle and more ducks that I can remember to count. One duck, I have pictured here, makes a great shot of the duck getting ready to fly away from us. Talk about startled. This guy couldn't have moved fast enough. You can see the distinct coloring of the wings in this photo.
As I mentioned, we had the fortunate luck of seeing 5 moose this morning. Alta did an amazing job of pointing out the moose as she spotted the first 3, which was a family perched on a ridge, taking time to chomp on leaves for their morning breakfast.
We continued on our journey, visiting two ponds in the North Maine Woods. On our journey back to Greenville and Northeast Guide Service base camp, I shouted with excitement, "There are two more right at the side of the road!" These two were a bit bashful, but stopped long enough for us to get a few photos. Thank you, Alta and Euell for joining Northeast Guide Service on our Maine Moose Safari and Wildlife Tour! I had a wonderful time and I know, based on the laughs and smiles that you did, too! I hope to see you again on one of your Maine Vacations.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Moose Mainea in Moosehead Lake

We had two moose safaris on Sunday evening and both were a success! One of our Registered Maine Guide's took a couple from Switzerland. They are on their holiday and decided to visit the Moosehead Lake region in pursuit of moose! This was our first canoe tour of the season and yes, it rained! But, even with the rain, it did not diminish the excitement of seeing their first moose on the pond. They saw a cow moose on the pond, deer, hare and even a beaver this evening.
I on the other hand, took a young couple from New Jersey that ventured to Maine to visit Bar Harbor and to come to the Greenville, Maine to see moose with Northeast Guide Service. This is Sandra's birthday week and what a celebration it was! We saw 2 yearlings this evening. Sandra calls Tony moose, so it was fitting to find a moose for these two! Both yearlings were in separate locations and seemed to be extremely photogenic. We got some great pictures and enjoyed our time getting to know one another on our Maine moose safari!
Thank you for joining Northeast Guide Service and Maine Moose Watching tours on a successful moose safari and wildlife tour!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We took to the woods pursuing Maine's moose

Another successful moose hunt, for Maine moose pictures that is! The moose are out in the Moosehead Lake region. There were seven of us in search of moose on Monday's moose safari, so we took to the woods to see what we could find. We saw over 10 deer, an eagle, an owl, Maine's partridge, fox, and 2 of Maine's moose. I think we have a potential Registered Maine Guide from this moose tour because as we departed the woods to venture back to Greenville, Patrick spied our first moose off of the road, covered in mud and decked out in camo from the thick trees. It was a great find! This moose was big, happily eating and would have gone unnoticed until Eagle Eye Patrick shouted "PMS"!! That stands for Possible Moose Sighting folks. We stopped, put the van in reverse and saw our first moose of the day chomping on the vegetation just at the side of the road and slightly out of view for passerby's, but not us! We continued on our way to find another moose, even taller standing than the last, posing for photos by the vehicle just ahead of us with New Jersey license plate. This had to have made their day, as it did ours. We were all thrilled to see another moose on this evening's moose safari and wildlife tour. Guided moose tours are a great way for Northeast Guide Service Registered Maine Guide's to take you to the woods to see moose and all kinds of wildlife. This tour was a success! If you want to see Maine's moose, May is Moose Mania in Greenville, Maine. Join Northeast Guide Service and Maine Moose Watching tours on a moose safari.