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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10 Moose Sightings in 2011 in Maine

A top 10 list for moose sightings with Maine moose watching and Northeast Guide Service. We see a lot of moose in one year's time and take many people to see moose in Maine every year, so a top 10 list for moose sightings in 2011 isn't as easy as you might think. But, here goes:

10) Dead Moose - Yes, that's right, we came across a dead moose. It was a private April tour, snow on the ground and we came across a moose that did not survive the winter.

9) Alive Moose - Thankfully, we saw a moose on the dead moose tour, which makes it number 9 in memorability. We all went from wow, that really is too bad that moose didn't survive to, holy smokes, look at this moose! She still has on her winter, heavy coat and thank goodness, she made it!

8) Number 8 in our list is: Are we there yet?
This group was really putting the pressure on to find a big bull moose and we found him.

7) Dare I forget almost getting carried away by black flies on one of our Memorial Day weekend canoe tours to see moose. A family from California was visiting the area for hiking, canoeing and moose watching...they also got black flies! But, the great thing about spring tours, is that there are so many moose on the loose. The black flies drive the moose out of the woods.

6) Bald Eagle, oh ya and moose - The bald eagle on the water was the highlight of this tour, for me. I love all wildlife and this bald eagle flew over our heads, landed in a dead tree and watched us for almost an hour!

5) Number 5 is memorable because a nice couple from Germany were visiting Maine in late September, had never seen a moose before and we came across this nice size bull that walked in front of us on the road. The morning was beautiful. The autumn colors were spectacular and the moose was a special treat for this couple that day.

4) We had a few amateur and professional photographers join us this year for Maine moose watching and number 4 on my list is when Stacey Guptill, from Inspired from Time Photography joined us. She didn't intend on going in the canoe, but a nice couple chauffeured and she got some amazing pictures. At one point, a moose came swimming right across the pond near her canoe! It was a memorable morning moose tour for sure!

3) Number 3 on my top 10 moose sightings in 2011 list is: 2 couples - one married for 50 years and the other on their honeymoon. Listening to both couples talking to each other and enjoying the moose tour that I was fortunate enough to take them on.

2) Almost the most memorable moose tour of 2011, but comes in runner up was a morning moose tour in September. The temperature was in the 20's. We arrived at the pond for canoeing and you could not see a thing, there was such a heavy fog. We put the canoes on the pond and stayed very quiet, canoeing along the shoreline. We made our way to the cove and sat, listened and waited. Two female cows emerged from the dense fog and forest and we watched feed. It was cold, but awesome and well worth the experience for all of us.

1) ...and number 1!!!! For me anyway, is the MOOSE FAMILY on the pond. It was so awesome. We were canoeing and watching the bull and cow graze and all of a sudden, the cow looked up, into the woods and I knew another moose was coming...tip toe, tip toe and there she was...the rest of the moose family.

Our Maine moose watching tours are a great way to experience nature and moose in their natural habitat. All of our tours are about creating an experience and lasting memories. We are looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us and the moose we see all season long.