Show me an example Maine Moose Tracks - Greenville Maine Moose Watching Tours: May 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Good Luck Charms!

On Yesterdays awesome Maine Moose Tour we brought along some good luck charms! A fantastic group of 10! Just floating along in our canoe we saw 11 Moose! It was such an amazing Moose Tour! We thought the guests were very friendly and apparently the moose did to! They got some awesome shots of the Moose along with 5 bull, 3 cow, 3 yearling, a couple deer and the always proud eagle! something we really love about our job at Northeast Guide Service is seeing how excited people get on the Moose Tours when they see all the wildlife, it's just the best! Bottom line, It was a great time and we encourage more people to come take pictures, have a ball, and create wonderful memories like this group did! Thanks good luck charms!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do You Want The Good News...Or The Better News?

On one of our always wonderful Moose Safaris one outdoorsmen joined us on a private canoe trip. the weather was partly cloudy but nothing a nature explorer can't handle! During our safari we saw 4 moose, 1 bull, 3 cow, 2 love birds...I mean loons, 3 hare, and one fox! Our guest had a great time and we were both lucky to see all of that wildlife but especially the fox, sneaky little creatures! Now the saying here in Maine is if you don't like the weather wait a minute and this next tour is proof that we abide by that saying. It was a Beautiful sunny day and along with us on the tour were a group of four people which happened to be extremely nice... could have been the nice weather causing all the upbeat vibes or maybe it was the moose! Paddling along we saw a grand total of 10 MOOSE! It was an amazing sight! we also saw 2 bull, 4 cow, 4 yearling, 1 hare, 2 loons, a couple cute woodchucks, and ducks followed by there little fir ball chicks! It was a great day to see northern Maine wildlife! This is why we encourage people to join us on our Moose Tours and Moose Safaris, you just don't see nature anywhere else like you do on one of our adventures! Our Guides are awesome and really know their stuff and theres really just nothing like it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Exciting Maine Lake Life

One eager nature explorer joined us on a Moose tour and saw a variety of what our Maine Lakes contain. Canoeing is a great way to explore our Maine Lakes especially if you want to get up close and personal with the aquatic life! It was a little rainy followed by some always wonderful sunshine when we saw 1 deer, 2 loons, 1 eagle, and 5 otters! We do love our other wildlife but otters are a more rare animal to see just hanging around and it was a shocking surprise!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moosin' Around The Moosehead Lake Region!

Two Of The NINE MOOSE We Saw!
Oh deer! It's getting pretty wild on our Daily Moose Safaris. This one married couple may not have brought the sunshine but they certainly brought us some luck with seeing our fantastic Maine wildlife! 3 moose, 1 cow, 2 yearling, 2 hare, and a whopping 5 deer! They saw the moose just hanging out in the bogs and some walking around in the roads, so be extra careful driving out there! On one of our peaceful Private Moose Tours we came across 4 moose, 3 cows, 1 deer, 1 eagle, 1 hare, and 1 fox. It was a great chance to see what we have to offer in the Moosehead Lake Region! One thing that excited them in particular was seeing the 3 of which was a brand new Mamma! And who doesn't love baby moose? What a trip! 4 people made up this adventure seeking group. They day was filled with blue skies and that sunshine we love so much! What was super exciting about this tour was that we made a new personal record for moose sightings! 9 MOOSE total! Along with the moose we saw a grand total of 8 deer, 4 cows, 4 yearling, and my personal favorite 2 loons or love birds, as I like to call them! It really was a gripping adventure!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

We Love Our Moose Moms!
Moose safari's are especially enjoyable when you are with someone you are comfortable with and love MOMS!  On one of our very exciting moose tours a mother joined us as well as her daughter on a Maine moose safari. They had a great time gliding along the river in there canoe on the always lively wildlife search here in Maine. They didn't see any moose but they did come across a cow. Cows are mothers to there yearling so it was quite the coincidence. Something you might have not known is that when the baby deer grow up they tend to separate from there mother, with an exception of the doe. A doe is a female deer and sometimes they like to stick around mom a little longer then the wrest! In a way this small groups relationship resembled just that!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Moose Are Out In The Moosehead Lake Region

Young Bulls Are Out And As Adorable As Ever!
On the Moose Watching Tours the moose are out and about on the evening moose canoe tours in the Moosehead Lake Region. We have had a some awesome tours so far this may! The groups were unique and enjoyed themselves while looking for wildlife on our exciting Moose watching Tours. One group consisted of only two people but much more lively than your average pare. It was a beautiful day the sun was out and shining, we saw a total of seven moose. Thats right SEVEN! They were just hanging out in the bogs and some were even brave enough to explore the roads. On another moose watching tour we met two newlyweds from MI. We took a canoe and saw all the wonders that come with exploring Maine's wildlife. We saw one moose, two cow, 18 hare, and even stumbled upon two loons while floating around with the new love birds! Did you know that loons mate for life? Anyway, the trip was fantastic and we hope our guests are as fortunate as the loons! If deer is what you are looking for you would have loved to join this adventurous three! On there evening moose safari the weather was not as great as the others but the odds definitely played out in there favor. They saw so many deer and had a blast just spending time on the pond! Maine Moose Watching is one of those things that anyone can attend and have the best time. Here at Northeast Guide Service we love to help create new memories for our groups and we love our MOOSE!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moose Watching Tours in Maine have begun!

It's May and moose watching tours in Maine have begun at Northeast Guide Service.  May 1 was opening day for moose tours and we had the pleasure of sharing what the Moosehead Lake Region has to offer through scenery, wildlife and of course...MOOSE
Not only was last evening our first moose tour of the 2013 season, it was also a first for Jessica to take a couple from the Czech Republic on a moose safari in Maine.  Jessica enjoys meeting people from every corner of the United States, but it's always exciting when folks visit from far away places, countries and cultures.  It's not only an opportunity for us to show our beautiful area, but a time to learn from each other.  This couple loves the outdoors and when they travel, they enjoy camping as their means of stay.  They usually tent camp, but this time around decided to try an RV and loved it.  Since most campgrounds in our region aren't open for the season yet, I suggested that they stay at Squaw brook, which is on Plum Creek's land.  It's a lovely spot just outside of Greenville towards Rockwood. 
We met up last evening at Northeast Guide Service for our 4 o'clock tour.  We hadn't even left the Greenville town line and a young yearling bull was standing along the side of the road drinking some water in a ditch.
We continued along our journey and a healthy cow moose was doing the same.  This unseasonably hot Maine weather has really made it imperative for moose to find any stream, brook or muddle puddle to slurp water from!
2 more female moose were found to round out our evening.  We took some amazing pictures, but most importantly enjoyed visiting and learning about each other. 
Our nightcap was the sunset at Blair Hill last evening.  It was simply spectacular. 
"Silhouette" - Blair Hill Sunset
For those of you considering visiting Moosehead Lake, consider a wildlife and moose safari with Northeast Guide Service.  Yes, we understand that everyone wants to see a moose, but it's so much more than that for us.  It's about creating an experience for you and enjoying that experience together.  Come see!