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Friday, March 22, 2013

Moose Photos

People love moose photos.  Moose photos of all types.  As Maine Moose Watching guides, we have taken it upon ourselves to post moose photos on our Facebook page, of tours that we have taken people on and moose photos that we have found along the way.  Moose photos connect with people, I think its because moose are so intriguing and can't be found just anywhere.  It's fun to post moose photos and write a caption that makes people laugh or engaged about what the moose is actually thinking.  We invite you to follow us on our Maine Moose Watching Facebook page to see the moose photos that we find funny, cute and most importantly that make you smile. 
If you have never seen a moose and want to capture that special moose photo, join us this season on one of our daily moose watching tours in Maine.  The Moosehead Lake Region & Maine woods offer a vast forest and wetlands where moose live.  We take our guests to remote woods ponds for an experience in nature, with the best guide's for moose photos.
You can also connect with us via our Maine moose tracks blog, right here.  It's easy to follow along with us and join our blog.  Sign in with your Gmail account.  We post moose photos, information regarding our daily moose watching tours, helpful tips related to Maine wildlife and more!
Moose photo of cow and her calf feeding on Maine woods pond

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Moose Canoe Tour: No Joke

Bull moose on Maine pond after our guided canoe tour

When we say, you will be going on a moose canoe tour, it's no joke!  Wildlife watching is a favorite past time for many to enjoy.  Our Maine moose watching tours by canoe are an experience in nature with the best guides.  You will enjoy canoeing on a pond where moose come for feeding.  We center the tours around moose habitat.
On this particular day, the first week of October, this bull moose meandered along the shores of the pond, grazing on vegetation.  It was decided that it was time for us to get off the pond before the moose made his way to the pond access point.  Oh, but he didn't care, just kept lumbering along the shore.  We didn't want to be disruptive to his morning meal, so we scurried out of the way, but had no time to get the canoe, so he paused and posed for great photography.
We get up close and personal with moose, but at a safe distance to not infringe on their habits in the wild.  It's a unique experience and this day was one that definitely goes down in the record books as a unique opportunity.
Come enjoy the wilds of the North Maine Woods with us, see a Maine moose, possibly even see one that you think is going to take the canoe out, like this one!