Show me an example Maine Moose Tracks - Greenville Maine Moose Watching Tours: September 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love and Marriage

"Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, Go together like a horse and carriage..." Ok, so maybe I'm a little over the top today, but he was standing there and when I saw him, yes it was love at first sight. Marriage may come later, but this bull is in the rut. Yes folks, it's mating season again and the big bulls are out and about and I found mine today. I've been patiently waiting, just like this bull is patiently waiting for his lover. Sounds a little silly, I know, but I have been trying, day after day to find a really big bull over the last few weeks and it's been tough. Bulls are elusive, but when they are in the rut, they are seeking out females and it makes it much easier for a moose watching gal like me, to find them. So, far this week, they are coming out of the woods, getting very active and excited for love. The end of September and early October are great times to visit Maine to go on a moose watching tour. Not only are the moose very active during this time, the fall foliage colors are in their peak and it is simply beautiful in Maine. So, whether it's for love, marriage, or just a chance to vacation to Maine, it's beautiful here and you just might fall in love.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer days are fading into Autumn in Maine

This morning's moose watching tour made for a change from my moose tour just a few days ago...there was an autumn chill in the air. When we arrived to canoe this morning, the pond was blanketed by fog. Normally, I can take my binoculars and scan the pond to see if there are moose lurking off in the distance, but not this morning. As always, we remained very quiet, whispering to each other about our planning for a moose watching safari and decided to not waste another minute and go canoeing in the foggy air. We skirted the shoreline scanning for moose, feeling like we were really apart of the beginning of the day, with the birds and frogs. We sat for a short time in one of the moose coves, quietly and patiently waiting for the fog to lift. As we sat, waiting and watching, we heard a sound just off the shoreline in the woods...MOOSE! In anticipation we continued to wait, listening, hoping for the moose to show herself nearby and join us on the pond. As she crunched along, still not visible to us, we continued to patiently wait and then she emerged, stopped, looked around, took a few more steps, stopped and we heard a second moose lumbering along shortly behind her...Not one, but two moose this morning emerged from the fog and woods.

After watching these two moose devour leaves, we left them happily feeding and headed back to the pond take out. To our pleasant surprise a female cow was taking her morning dip. What a highlight for this couple from Connecticut visiting Maine for their vacation.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet is a question that many ask when traveling to far and unknown regions. But, are we there yet doesn't really fit the meaning when on a moose watching tour in Maine. Some Maine moose tours, one may see moose as soon as departing from our basecamp in Greenville. On other tours we drive deeper into the woods to view our infamous Maine moose. See arriving there isn't about a final physical destination, instead the destination is finding a moose or two or three...
On this evening's moose tour by van, our group was impressed by the beauty of the area, the rugged terrain, woodlands, ponds and mountains, but where are we going? We are in search of moose in the vast forested area and moose we did find! A BIG bull moose and I mean BIG was standing in the center of the road this evening. Shrieks of excitement in the vehicle for this big fella! We stopped the van and took the time to watch the bull walk away from the road, back into the forest, but I can definitely tell you, we arrived, so yes, we're there yet.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Gift - North Maine Woods

Well today's private moose watching tour was interesting (in a unique and good way), so I have to take the time to write about it. This lovely couple from North Carolina is visiting Maine and enjoying their 5th wedding anniversary. Of course I asked all about their vacation travels to this point and how they came to choose the Moosehead Lake region as their final destination on their vacation to Maine. They explained that since it is their 5th wedding anniversary and the gift of wood is common for the 5th wedding anniversary, they chose the North Maine Woods to celebrate! We saw 5 moose on today's 5 year wedding anniversary moose safari in the North Maine Woods. I would say it turned out to be a great way to spend their 5th wedding anniversary on this beautiful, sunny morning in Maine, looking for moose and enjoying the area.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birders come to Maine for Birding and Moose!

Maine is a wonderful place for birders to visit, not just "moosers". Granted, here at Maine Moose Watching Tours we do enjoy the moosers, but birding is a big part of our wildlife tours, as well. You can see hooded mergansers, black ducks, mallards, turkey's, loons, eagles, hawks, possibly a pileated woodpecker and warblers of all kinds! For many moose watching tour guests, it's nice for them to simply hear the bird songs and our morning moose watching tours are perfect for the birds to be out. Come, give a Maine moose watching tour a try and see birds, too!

Praying mantis, no it's a praying moose

People that join us on our Maine moose watching tours are always amazed by moose when they are kneeling along the sides of the road ways, slurping in the puddles and feeding on the grass near the roads. The moose truly look like a massive moose sized praying mantis! The moose kneel down to drink water, feed on fresh grass and roots and it looks like they are praying. Maybe they are just thankful for their fresh garden meal. Either way, it's really a unique picture that folks enjoy taking.

Peekaboo Moose

We canoed today on our moose watching tour and kept seeing a glimpse of a moose "peekabooing" in and out of the woods. We quietly sat and waited for the moose to come out of the woods and to our luck the moose emerged from the woods to start eating on the pond. We all called her our Peekaboo moose. We saw moose, loons, rabbit and deer on today's Maine moose watching tour.

Beaver dam, bogs, and Maine moose!

There are plenty of beaver dams in the north Maine woods and today at the beaver bog, we saw a big bull moose standing in the water! We also saw a cow with her calf today during the Maine moose watching tour. The weather was beautiful and it was a great day for wildlife and moose watching in Maine!

A Moose and its Salad Bar

We saw 2 moose on today's moose tour, loons and rabbits. It was beautiful to see the bull moose in the pond eating and man do they eat a lot! Our Registered Maine Guide's take you to the best spots to see moose and other wildlife. But, more importantly our guide's do the best job at keeping the group together and quiet, that way you can sit and watch moose for hours. Since moose are vegetarians they eat the fresh vegetation on the ponds and can devour 40-50 pounds of fresh vegetation in a day. That's a big salad bar!

Maine Loons and Moose

The loons were calling and swimming in the pond today by our canoes. We always seem fortunate enough to visit the loons while on the pond viewing moose, but today was incredible. The rain started while we were canoeing and the loons kept swimming and singing near us. We saw 4 Maine moose today - a large bull, 2 female cow moose and a yearling.

Dog wait, it's a moose bath!

We saw 4 moose on this evenings Maine moose safari. There was a large cow moose on the pond this evening. Our group was able to enjoy canoeing on the pond and sit quietly by to watch the moose bathe. The cow moose kept shaking off in the water like a wet dog! It wasn't a dog bath, though, the pond became the moose's tub and it was neat to watch a moose bath. Maine moose watching tours are an amazing way to watch moose in their natural habitat. Our Registered Maine Guide's do an incredible job of keeping the groups contained and quiet, not to disturb moose in their natural setting. Join us and see!

Maine Moose Watching for your birthday

Group moose safari this evening on our Maine moose watching tour. One of the little girl's on tonight's tour turned 5 year's old today. What a great way to spend your birthday! We saw two nice sized bull's. One bull moose had big, beautiful velvet antlers and the other walked along the shore bank towards the other bull. We saw deer, loons and rabbits tonight, as well!

It's been a while...

Sorry that it's been a while since my last Maine moose watching post! Summer in Maine has been wonderfully busy. The seasons will be changing soon and the summer activities are beginning to slow down. One thing is for certain, even though summer vacationers are not so prevalent in the area, the moose are out and about. So, without further ado, I need to get you back up to speed...Maine moose watching tours are such a great way to see Maine's woods, ponds and mountains, so join us!

Last Minute Vacations

Many people chose to visit Maine for last minute vacations because there is so much to enjoy, see and do in Maine. For instance, this weekend is the International Seaplane fly-in, which offers many activities to enjoy in the area, in addition to seeing moose! Come to the Moosehead Lake area for your last minute vacation to shop, dine, raft in Maine, see moose or simply relax!