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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall New England Tours

Fall Foliage in New England
When you visit New England in the fall, it's best to know what is the most spectacular fall New England tour ideas.  We have guests that visit from all over the world this time of year to see Maine and the rest of the New England states in all its colorful, dramatic hues.  A common, yet amazing New England tour idea is the drive from Massachusetts to Maine to New Hampshire to Vermont. 

Let me tell you about what to see along this fall New England road trip.   Depart Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts and drive north to Maine's exit 157 on the Moosehead Trail.  Arrive in Greenville, home of Maine's largest lake, Moosehead Lake.  This is a great stop for moose watching, an excellent stop over for outdoor activities or simply relaxing.

Northeast Guide Service offers daily moose watching tours.  September has been a very busy month for moose watchers.  Bull moose are in moose rut during this month and seeking out a mate.  The last week in September and the 1st two weeks in October are the best 3 weeks to see massive bull moose.  Just in the last week, we have seen 4-8 moose per morning tour and 2-5 moose per evening tour.  The moose watching tours are very scenic.  We take you to remote woods ponds to canoe and see moose on the group tours, which up to 10 people can participate in.  There are also private moose safaris that can be very scenic to enjoy on your own with our guides.  The best part about a private moose safari is that you can truly maximize your moose sighting coverage because you can canoe on multiple ponds or experience a land base tour and see a lot of territory for moose sighting maximization.  Fall foliage and moose is a photographer's delight during this time of year!
Maine's Moosehead Lake Region - Moose Watching Tour
 Another wonderful fall foliage activity in the Moosehead Lake Region is enjoying the Katahdin Steamship cruise or a seaplane ride overlooking Moosehead Lake.  You even might see a moose while in flight!

Continue north on Route 15 to Jackman, which is a small town near the U.S./Canada Border.  If you have your passports, head north to Quebec City in Canada from here, which is only a 2 hour drive.  The other option is to drive south on Rt 201 from Jackman on the Kennebec river scenic byway.  It's a beautiful drive during the autumn months and depending on the time of day, you just might see a moose!

Continue the journey on Rt 2 to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The mountain vistas are spectacular with all of the fall colors.  You can continue your New England fall tour back to the great city of Boston here or continue to the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

There's so much to see when you visit New England in autumn.  Plan each day to take in the scenery, eat at a local restaurant, enjoy a guided trip and relax.