Show me an example Maine Moose Tracks - Greenville Maine Moose Watching Tours: July 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Come One, Come All...The Moose Are Out in Greenville!

Our last fewMoose watching tours have been packed with visitors from all over the East Coast and even Holland!  The Maine moose didn't disappoint- they were out on the pond and grazing by the roads, everywhere!  I'm sure they were just as excited to meet our visitors as we were.  While we were paddling out for a nice easy stroll on the pond in the beautiful sunshine, we got to see beavers, loons, turkeys and hare.  One of the moose we saw was an old friend we've been getting used to- a BIG bull moose!  On the other side of the spectrum, we also saw a little yearling bull.  Soon enough, this little fellow will be just as big as the Mega-Moose, he just has to keep eating his veggies!

On both of our past two tours, our Registered Maine Guides have both come back talking about the beautiful weather we've been having here in Greenville Maine.  We always knew we had a beautiful area, full of wildlife and a real escape from reality out in nature, but the sunshine really highlights our best qualities.  Summer in Maine is an experience that can only be topped by a Moose watching tour with Northeast Guide Service!  So if you are looking for things to do around Moosehead Lake, come on a Moose Safari and see for yourself!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrate the 4th of July with some Maine Moose!

While animal specialists may tell you that Maine moose and wildlife are "spooked" by the fireworks that we all love for Independence Day, but they would be wrong!  Our 4th of July Moose Tour got to see four moose altogether, three cooling off in a nearby stream with a bald eagle friend, and one right on the road.  Our other recent moose safaris have had similar luck; We had a private Moose Safari for a family of eleven join us on July 3rd and also got to see four moose, including a little baby calf!  It was a lot of fun going out with such a nice big family, and the kids had a blast!  We also had a couple from Singapore join us- they had been looking all week for a moose along the roads, doing some safari-ing of their own and trying to find the best place to see a moose.  With no luck, they decided to join one of our evening canoe tours and low and behold, they finally saw a moose!  That same day, one of our early morning tours had a very close encounter with a confused yearling looking for mom.  Seeing a yearling is special because they are often the most nervous of all moose...after a year of having the comfort of Mom at all times, yearlings are fresh out on their own learning to fend for themselves.  Of the five other moose we saw that day, one was a mother and her calf, possibly relatives of the scared little yearling we had seen earlier!  Overall, it has been a wonderful holiday with beautiful weather and of course, many sightings of the majestic Maine moose!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring...But the Moose Aren't Snoring!

Even with all of this rain, our Maine Moose friends are still out and about waiting for our daily moose watching tours to stop in and see what's happening.  In fact, on Saturday, we saw the most moose out of any other day of the week, and it was starting to thunderstorm out!  In other words, there's no need to  fear the thunder, our Registered Maine Guides have you in good hands, and the moose themselves don't seem to mind- dinner time is dinner time no matter what the sky looks like!  Lucky for our tour guests, as soon as the rain started to clear later in the evening, there was a fantastic rainbow overhead to cap off a great moose watching expedition.  The next day, it was the same story...after a day full of rain the sun finally poked its head out and we got to observe another rainbow, not to mention the bear and baby moose!
On the first day of July, one of our Private Moose Safaris was lucky enough to see some moose in a stream which is always an interesting sight.  They also saw some deer and even a spotted turtle!  Our group tour of the day didn't have as much luck seeing swimming moose, but they made up for it with sightings of beavers, a mother turkey and her babies, a partridge, loons, eagles, and hare!  If you're having troubling thinking of things to do in Greenville, no worries- our Greenville wildlife is out for July!