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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring melt brings Maine moose!

Today is one of those days that you just have to smile. The weather here in Moosehead Lake is 60 degrees, but the snow bank between Northeast Guide Service and Indian Hill Trading Post is as tall as our building! Yes, the snow is melting and the moose are coming out to the roads, trails and footpaths to get a reprieve from the tough snowy winter they have endured. I experienced this first hand today. My first moose tour of the season (we opted for a Tahoe tour), rather than our most common tours in canoes, and it turned out to be a hit. We ventured from Greenville to the North Maine Woods and traveled dirt roads, with our heads on a swivel to see if moose were lurking nearby the roads. My guests told me that they have been searching for years to see a real, live moose, but just have had no luck. Lisa brings her son moose gifts every time she visits Maine, but has been unable to capture a photo for proof that the Maine moose really does exist! While traveling one of Maine's many dirt logging roads, I noticed out of the corner of my eye something large lying off the road on a footpath. To my surprise it was a moose, that at first we thought was moving, but this moose did not survive Maine's winter. This is the first time on one of the many moose safaris I have guided that I have come across a dead moose. It was sobering for me and for my guests, that both stated, "see Jess, we really do have bad luck!" At that moment, a bald eagle that was feeding on the moose flew into the sky. The wing span seemed as wide as the trail it flew from! But, both Lisa and Peter were amazed to see wildlife, in it's truest state. We continued on our journey and noticed two sets of moose prints in the muddy road. We crested a knoll and there in the road were two cow moose. A yearling trying to keep up with her mother was what we discovered, which made us all laugh and drew intrigue to their ungraceful trot, but happy to observe them lumbering along. Great pictures were captured and we all were happy that Lisa and Peter's luck had turned around. It was our good fortune to find another, much darker cow moose on our trip back to Greenville and we talked about how important locals and vacationers to the region need to be careful on the road ways in the North Maine Woods at night. Northeast Guide Service had a successful first moose safari of the season in April. We experienced interesting weather, with it being 60 degrees and snow on the ground, but most importantly moose in their natural habitat from two very real perspectives. If you are interested in joining Northeast Guide Service on a Maine Moose Watching tour, we would love to take you to the woods to see our Maine moose! We hope to see you soon!
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