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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a jungle out there

Ahhh! Relaxation and time for a little fun! Granted this adventure is not moose watching in the wild, but a great way to see unique animals of all kinds. We spent the day at the Jacksonville Zoo. The vision of the zoo is: “Inspiring discovery and appreciation of the Earth’s wildlife through innovative experiences in a caring environment.” We had the pleasure of viewing all types of wildlife and also were given the opportunity to make the experience more interactive. The giraffe exhibit happened to be one of my favorites. These animals are beautiful. The cool thing about the giraffe exhibit at the Jacksonville Zoo is that you can feed the giraffes. I absolutely loved this experience. It was neat to look into their faces, while they gently took the piece of lettuce from my hand.
We saw all types of snakes and reptiles, jaguars, elephants and kangaroos to name a few. There was a native Florida animal section where we saw a red wolf, black bear, tons of birds, alligators and more snakes.
Speaking of birds, we had the chance to enter into a bird sanctuary. Birds drank nectar from little cups we held out for them. It alarmed me at first to have the birds land on me, but I have to admit I really liked this experience!
Going to the zoo is much different than our Maine moose watching tours. Moose watching is truly a wild experience to enjoy in the north Maine woods. But, going to a zoo and seeing animals that I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to see was definitely worth it for me!

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