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Monday, September 19, 2011

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet is a question that many ask when traveling to far and unknown regions. But, are we there yet doesn't really fit the meaning when on a moose watching tour in Maine. Some Maine moose tours, one may see moose as soon as departing from our basecamp in Greenville. On other tours we drive deeper into the woods to view our infamous Maine moose. See arriving there isn't about a final physical destination, instead the destination is finding a moose or two or three...
On this evening's moose tour by van, our group was impressed by the beauty of the area, the rugged terrain, woodlands, ponds and mountains, but where are we going? We are in search of moose in the vast forested area and moose we did find! A BIG bull moose and I mean BIG was standing in the center of the road this evening. Shrieks of excitement in the vehicle for this big fella! We stopped the van and took the time to watch the bull walk away from the road, back into the forest, but I can definitely tell you, we arrived, so yes, we're there yet.

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