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Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Moose Tours in Maine

Friday the 13th of April was our first Maine moose watching tour of the 2012 season.  There was no bad luck here!  The mild winter and spring has allowed for us to take to the woods early this year for our moose watching tours. 

A family of 4 from New York joined us today for a private van tour in search of moose.  Molly's nickname is moose and the entire family had never seen a moose before, so this was a special occasion.  All they wanted to see was one moose in the wild.  Friday the 13th curses didn't affect us for our first moose safari of the season.  We arrived at one of our favorite moose spots and viewed the ducks on the water - squawking and spreading there wings.  Part of the pond was ice covered and the edges were open.  We saw a young cow moose emerge from the woods.  The kids were very excited and so were mom and dad.  We watched her drink from the water.

In the spring, moose shed their winter coats.  The family found it interesting how the color of her fur was actually a grayish white color and she blended in to the canvas of trees behind her at first.  Once she was in plain site, it was remarkable to watch her move along the shoreline.  After watching the cow moose for 30 minutes or so we decided to leave her and continue on our evening journey.

We viewed beautiful mountain vistas in the woods and had the pleasure to watch the sunset upon our return to Greenville, over Moosehead Lake.

For the kick off to moose watching season in Maine, Friday the 13th of April was a good day!

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