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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Variety of Maine Adventures

The last four days have been busy at Northeast Guide Service. With the peak foliage and progressing moose rut we have had extremely successful safaris. We have had all the tours out; van, canoe, group, private, and birdwatching tours. Every tour has had the same response, "What wonderful scenery and the colors are amazing." We have seen a total of 20 moose in four days and the bulls have been all over the place. The wildlife in general has been very cooperative and fun to watch. Turkey, deer, fox, grouse, beavers. ducks, loons bluebirds and of course moose have all be a pleasure to have on these tours. It has been a rainy stretch of weather but that hasn't bothered us or the animals. We have some adventurers out on a waterfall hike this morning and I would expect there to see some great pictures of this water fall in autumns glory when they get back. Once again I would like to thank everyone who's joined us and made this and awesome season.  

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