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Friday, February 8, 2013

Moosin' around in the North Maine Woods

The Moosehead Lake Region of Maine was a very snowy place during the month of January, minus the rain that fell to end January on a lack of snow note.  But, a little over a week later the Northeast is getting a massive snow storm, named NEMO, that is truly going to effect New York to Maine.  But, when there is limited snow on the ground, it is very easy for our Maine moose to travel from place to place in the North Maine Woods.  We like to call it Moosin' around in the North Maine Woods and that's what they are doing.  It's so much easier for moose to seek out food and water when there is a lack of snow on roads and woods trails.  These woods trails are what most of us Mainer's call snowmobile trails during the winter months.  This does cause some concern for snowmobile enthusiasts when the snow starts falling again and they are able to get back out on the trails because moose have been active on the woods trails.  Meeting a Maine moose on your snowmobile can be extremely dangerous, so we encourage snowmobilers to be very cautious when riding in the Maine north woods all of the time, but especially at times like these, when there had been limited snow on the trails and then a big influx of snow in a short time.  Be safe out there and watch up for moose!

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