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Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Family Vacation Spots

One of the must-see spots for a family vacation is Greenville, Maine. Located in the north woods on Moosehead Lake, Greenville has the best activities for your family to enjoy. Some of the popular wildlife tours in Greenville includes moose safaris. Today we set out with 3 families from Wisconsin, the Netherlands, and Connecticut. We went on an evening canoe tour to watch moose on a secluded pond. We saw 6 moose on our tour; 2 bulls and 4 cows! We also got to see deer, loons, and hare. While we were canoeing around the pond we were amazed when we got to listen to coyotes howling. It was the perfect spot to spend an evening in Maine!

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  1. My kid has been bugging me about moose ever since he saw that show Invader Zim where one of the characters sent his schoolmates through a wormhole leading to a room with nothing but a doughnut-eating moose (yes, I know, the highly detailed account means I watched the episode myself).

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