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Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer days are fading into Autumn in Maine

This morning's moose watching tour made for a change from my moose tour just a few days ago...there was an autumn chill in the air. When we arrived to canoe this morning, the pond was blanketed by fog. Normally, I can take my binoculars and scan the pond to see if there are moose lurking off in the distance, but not this morning. As always, we remained very quiet, whispering to each other about our planning for a moose watching safari and decided to not waste another minute and go canoeing in the foggy air. We skirted the shoreline scanning for moose, feeling like we were really apart of the beginning of the day, with the birds and frogs. We sat for a short time in one of the moose coves, quietly and patiently waiting for the fog to lift. As we sat, waiting and watching, we heard a sound just off the shoreline in the woods...MOOSE! In anticipation we continued to wait, listening, hoping for the moose to show herself nearby and join us on the pond. As she crunched along, still not visible to us, we continued to patiently wait and then she emerged, stopped, looked around, took a few more steps, stopped and we heard a second moose lumbering along shortly behind her...Not one, but two moose this morning emerged from the fog and woods.

After watching these two moose devour leaves, we left them happily feeding and headed back to the pond take out. To our pleasant surprise a female cow was taking her morning dip. What a highlight for this couple from Connecticut visiting Maine for their vacation.

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