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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Lovely Sightseeing Night for Maine Moose Watching

Saturday was a lovely day for a moose watching tour in Maine. Love was in the air for a couple from New York who had quite an interesting history together. Starting out as high school sweethearts, the couple broke up for 27 years. Both having different relationships during those years, they could never rekindle their love for each other. They finally met up for lunch one day and instantly fell back in love. While walking the glass walkway at the Grand Canyon he took a leap of a lifetime and proposed. While on a vacation to Maine, the couple took a scenic night canoe moose tour with us. We took the couple out to local ponds and roads where they saw four moose including two bulls, a cow, and a yearling, They also got to witness other beautiful wildlife; deer, loons, hares, and a huge beaver.

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