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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Foggy Mornings And Moose

With the onset of fall the cool nights mixed with the warm water temps brings early morning fog. The moose seem to enjoy this extra cover first thing in the morning. During yesterdays trip or couple from Indiana experienced heavy fog early but then the sun shined and the they spotted one cow moose, two loons, and two rabbits. This couple was enjoying everything Maine had to offer and were loving every minuet of it. This morning we had two different moose safaris with similar weather to yesterday. The first tour was an enjoyable couple from Munich Germany.  This couple was elated to encounter three cow moose this morning. One of which seemed to show off and pose for pictures for 20 minuets. Lastly we have our private moose safari. This couple saw four cow moose and one whitetail deer. This couple really enjoyed being "up close to some great moose." We really enjoy bringing people on these moose safaris because the smiles on their faces when they tell these moose stories is priceless. Thanks again for joining Northeast Guide Service on these wonderful outdoor Maine adventures. 

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