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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trip Of The Year

September 16, 2012 was an interesting day for moose safaris. Once again we had two trips on this day, one van tour and one canoe tour. An abundance of wildlife was encountered on these trips. The highlight of the trips was on the canoe tour. the ponds were very difficult to paddle with a strong northwest wind blowing. After checking the three ponds they headed back to the first pond and noticed some tracks that weren't there before. So they walked back in and were treated to quite the show. A bull, cow, and calf were right there starting to do the mating ritual. The bull was grunting, the cow was bleating, and the calf was just wondering what is going on. The moose came so close, the guests got amazing photos of these beautiful animals. This was the first signs of the rut we have seen this year so for the rest of the fall we should see more and more moose start courting each other. The wildlife count was, eight moose, a flock of turkeys, two loons, rabbits, one eagle, and one owl. 

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