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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Moose Are Out In The Moosehead Lake Region

Young Bulls Are Out And As Adorable As Ever!
On the Moose Watching Tours the moose are out and about on the evening moose canoe tours in the Moosehead Lake Region. We have had a some awesome tours so far this may! The groups were unique and enjoyed themselves while looking for wildlife on our exciting Moose watching Tours. One group consisted of only two people but much more lively than your average pare. It was a beautiful day the sun was out and shining, we saw a total of seven moose. Thats right SEVEN! They were just hanging out in the bogs and some were even brave enough to explore the roads. On another moose watching tour we met two newlyweds from MI. We took a canoe and saw all the wonders that come with exploring Maine's wildlife. We saw one moose, two cow, 18 hare, and even stumbled upon two loons while floating around with the new love birds! Did you know that loons mate for life? Anyway, the trip was fantastic and we hope our guests are as fortunate as the loons! If deer is what you are looking for you would have loved to join this adventurous three! On there evening moose safari the weather was not as great as the others but the odds definitely played out in there favor. They saw so many deer and had a blast just spending time on the pond! Maine Moose Watching is one of those things that anyone can attend and have the best time. Here at Northeast Guide Service we love to help create new memories for our groups and we love our MOOSE!

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