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Friday, July 6, 2012

Best Family Vacations in Maine!

Last night, we had two huge groups go out on moose safaris. It was a little cloudy, but mostly sunny last night. The first group was a two families of three and two couples making a total of ten on the first tour! During their tour, the group didn't see any moose, but they got to see other great wildlife that inhabits Maine such as loons and hares. Although they didn't see moose, they group still had a great time on the pond and getting to know each other. The second group was three families with young children making a total of eleven! The second group only saw one moose during their tour, but also got to see other wildlife like deer, loons, and hares. This trip was extra special for one lady on the tour, she said seeing a moose was on her bucket list, looks like she checked one more thing off her list.

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