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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Vacations and Couples Retreat!

Last night, we had three different moose safaris go out and look for moose! The weather was clear and sunny so it was the perfect night. The first group was a private tour for a couple. Although the couple didn't see any moose while on their tour, they got to see three deer, four loons, ans six hares. The couple didn't mind not seeing a moose, they were content with the peace and quiet the private tour on the pond provided. The second group was also a private tour for two couples staying at The Blair Hill Inn. While on their tour, the couples got to see three moose; two on the pond and one on the ride back. The couples also got to see two loons on the pond and a fox on the way to the pond. The final group was for a family of four, a family of three, and two couples for a total of 11 people! The group got to see a total of three moose on the pond. While on the pond the group got to see a beaver dam. They also got to see deer and loons. They even got to see someone swimming in the pond!

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