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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Minute Vacation Packages

At Northeast Guide Service you can plan your entire vacation experience in just one stop. We had a family of 5 come in that had just arrived in the area earlier that day. They wanted to keep their 3 children (under the age of 10) entertained for the week! We helped them set up a moose safari for that night, a waterfall hike the next day, and even a white water rafting trip on the third day! On our moose safari we brought them to a quiet pond deep in the north Maine woods. We set them up with one of our experienced guides in a canoe and watched 5 moose feeding on the pond! We also got to see 5 deer, loons, ducks, 4 hare, and a fox! We hope that they had an amazing week with us here in Maine!

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