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Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Minute Vacations

Today we took to the north Maine woods to go on a wildlife adventure! We had a trip going out with Northeast Guide Service on a moose safari. About half an our before we left a couple came in and actually decided to join us on our scheduled trip! Our tours are a great last minute plan if you want to add some adventure to your day. We saw 6 moose on our tour- a bull, 3 cows, a yearling, and a tiny calf! We watched a mother and her calf eating in a bog. We think that they calf must have been born only a couple weeks ago! We also saw 2 deer and a raccoon while canoeing around a secluded pond. Kate from our trip claimed to be a jinx when it came to seeing moose, but we think that we broke the curse!

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