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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beautiful Evening For A Moose Safari!

Saturday night we had a fantastic moose safari with a group of 9 people. It was sunny with a random rain shower that was nice and refreshing! We went canoeing on a beautiful pond and had an amazing time. We saw a total of 7 moose, 4 bulls and 3 cow. We also saw deer, loons, and hare! It was a great day. There were lots of moose and it was a great group!

Last night we had a moose safari with a group of 3 people. It a very clear sunny day with a few wispy clouds in the sky, with no wind. We had a great time, we had a couple from New York and a man from New Hampshire. We saw two moose; a bull feeding on the lake, and a yearling cow along the road.  The weather today was just out of this world, so beautiful to have the lake and mountain in the background. The bull on the water was just chomping away like there was no tomorrow. Such diverse wildlife sightings today with a marvelous sunset. It was an incredible evening on the pond.

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