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Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Maine Moose Vacation!

We have had a few great moose safaris over the last few days. On Saturday evening we had a couple from Saratoga Springs, NY. They were a great couple to bring out on a moose safari, they had a great time. We went out on a evening van tour. It was clear and sunny with temperature in the mid 60s. It was a great day to go on a moose tour. We saw a medium size bull moose, deer, and hare. We drove all around we went to 3 ponds and 2 marshes. It was a wonderful scenic tour of the Moosehead Lake Region.

Yesterday morning we had a moose canoe tour for three people from Connecticut. It was a beautiful morning to go on a moose safari. We had a great photo op with the moose at the pond. It was a great time, fun was had by all. We saw three moose, a bull moose, as well as 2 cow moose. We also saw a lot of other wildlife including deer and hare. It was a great experience.

Last night we took out a mother and daughter on an evening canoe tour. It was a bright and we had wonderful weather. We saw a total of 5 moose last night, four on the pond, 1 calf and 3 adult moose, as well as 1 moose on the road. It was a great experience, the mother had never been in a canoe before. She had a blast her first time in the canoe and got to see moose at the same time!

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