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Friday, June 1, 2012

Beautiful Night To See Some Moose

Wednesday night was a beautiful and warm night to take a peaceful canoe ride to see some wildlife. We had a couple from Walpole, MA take a nighttime canoe moose safari with us. The couple got to see a total of five moose including; a bull, three cows, and one yearling. The night was a buggy one, but that proved to be a good thing since it brought plenty on moose out. The couple also got to see an array of other beautiful Maine wildlife including two deer, four hare, and loons. The couple have been coming up to Maine for the past few years for outdoor based vacations and trying to sneak a peak of moose whenever they can. This year on vacation, the couple decided a nighttime canoe ride to sight moose would be a change of scenery, and we were pleased they picked Northeast Guide Service to take them. With a relaxing canoe ride and ample wildlife, the couple decided they're coming back in October to get another fix of moose sightings.


  1. First off, I want to thank Jess again for such a great tour! We definitely had a great time that night! It was actually the wife's first time on a boat smaller than a cruise ship! We are planning on a trip in October and we will definitely be going out on another safari with northeast guide service!

    1. Thank you the tour was awesome, can't wait to see you in October!