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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Day Of Moose Tours

Yesterday we had three moose watching tours go out! The day started off rainy and cold, but then warmed up a bit in the afternoon, and cooled back down later in the evening. The first tour was for 12 guests made up of four couples and a family of 6 from Miami. While on their tour, the group didn't see any moose, but they got to see two loons sing a beautiful song on the pond. The second moose watching tour was an evening moose tour for a group of ten friends from Rhode Island. While on out on the pond, the group of friends saw two bull moose! They also got to see loons, deer, and hares on their tour. The third tour was also an evening moose watching tour. This moose tour was for a couple eager to see moose. While on their tour, the couple got to see two moose also! They also got to see an eagle, hawk, and three rainbows!

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