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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wildlife Is On The Move

We have come to the point in the season where Maine's wildlife becomes more and more active preparing for the upcoming winter. On august 27 we enjoyed the company of three couples, two from Maine and one from Pennsylvania. This was a bluebird day with temps in the mid 80's which made for an excellent night on the pond. Two loons were present on the pond and created a great atmosphere for our evening paddle. Two bulls were spotted late which brought excitement from the group, ending the trip on a very successful note. On our private moose tour that evening our guest were able to spot a mother and calf feeding in the woods. Other wildlife on this tour included Whitetails, Great Blue Heron, and the highly elusive wood ducks. This group was very happy to see the mother and calf feeding in their natural environment. Next we had the pleasure of meeting a father and son from Italy. This was a great experience for us as well as this father and son duo. We love taking people on these trips to see their first moose, that's what it's all about. Although it was a windy day we saw three moose including a mother and calf feeding on the pond. Pictures and memories that will last these guest a lifetime make doing moose safaris all worth while. On august 29th the weather was beautiful and the moose were enjoying it. We explored with two couple from St. Petersburg Florida they were treated to three moose, a fox, and Whitetail. Two of the moose were a mom and baby feeding on the pond, the other was a unique photo opportunity of a bull standing in a brook. Lastly, August 30th we had a diverse bunch from all over including a couple from Maine that had twenty years experience with Maine Department Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. On this trip one nervous bull was spotted by the group and was not feeling very photogenic this evening. The group was still excited to see him even though it was briefly.

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