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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scenic Moose Tours of Maine

On Monday we had two moose tours go out. The first tour was a morning moose tour for a couple from Texas. It was a very foggy morning, but that's always good for a moose sighting. While on their morning moose safari, the couple saw three moose! They also saw other great wildlife such as loons on the pond, hares, and two hawks. The second tour of the day was an evening moose safari for a group of nine. The group was made up of a family from Pennsylvania, a family from Mass, and a family from Rhode Island. While on their tour, the group saw only moose but saw plenty of other Maine wildlife like deer, loons, hares, and foxes, and even a lynx! With plenty of wildlife and moose to be seen in Maine summer time is the perfect time to take a moose tour!

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