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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scenic Moose Watching Tours in Maine

On Tuesday, August 14th we had two moose watching tours go out. The day started out foggy in the morning and then cleared up and got nice and sunny. The first tour was a morning moose watching tour that began at 6 am. The morning tour was for five people made up of a family of three and a couple from Alabama. While on their moose tour, the group didn't see any moose, but they got to experience other great Maine wildlife such as deer, loons, hares, and a fox. The second tour was an evening moose watching tour for a couple from Kentucky. The wife couldn't get over how beautiful the area is and loved the mountain views. While on their tour, the couple saw two moose; one on the roadside and one in a stream. The couple also got to see loons and deers.

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