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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Everyone Loves A Moose Or Two...Or 14!

Striking A Pose For Our Nature Explorers! 

Along with our nature exploring Guides were 2 people from France! It was so neat to listen to them speak back and fourth, it's really such a beautiful language! What was more neat was how excited they were when we came across 14 Maine moose! 7 were chilling out in the pond and the other 7 were walking along the side of the road. We also saw a hare and my all time favorite loons or as i like to call them love birds! I found this very ironic because France is a place of love and what did we see? Just thought that was pretty cool! Anyways it was an outstanding trip for our wonderful quests and our guides and we look forwards to another Maine Moose Tour just as awesome as that one!

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