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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Great Moose Tour!

On the very muggy but sunny day we had yesterday here in Northern Maine a group of 3 joined us on a Maine Moose Tour. they were great company and very talkative when it came down to seeing the wildlife. The trip certainly didn't lack excitement! We got to see a grand total of 7 moose! 3 were cooling off in the pond and the 4 others were walking around in the roads, so be very careful drivers! We also saw 2 cow and 2 yearling and they were just so adorable! The last animals we came across were loons and hare and they are both too cute! Our group had a wonderful time and so did we! We encourage more people to come book moose tours with Northeast Guide Service because they truly are one of a kind! You just can't see this beautiful wildlife anywhere else!
I knew It...You Were Checking Me Out!

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