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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moose and Deer and Eagles, Oh My!

Over the past few days our Maine Moose Tours have had the opportunity to see not only a ton of Maine moose, but also all kinds of other wildlife including lots of deer, hare, fox, loons, and even a bald eagle hanging out around the pond.  Over three days, we saw a grand total of 14 moose, and one even came within twenty feet of our group!  On Thursday morning, we were lucky enough to see a bald eagle hanging around a large bull (male moose!) on the pond, which was extra exciting because our group had traveled all the way from South Africa to explore all we have to offer here in the beautiful Northern Maine.  We were so happy to talk with our South African comrades and see how our beautiful Greenville scenery and wildlife compares to their backyard.  What an awesome few days to see all the Maine wildlife and critters out on the pond!
Our South African guests on their way to becoming Moose Safari pros!

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