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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There Are Big Bull Moose Among Us!

Our Maine moose watching tours are starting to fill up, and the big bull moose we have been seeing are leaving all guests satisfied!  So far this week, a few of our tours have been able to see what we think might be the same huge bull moose, once on a Private Moose Safari, and once on a group canoe tour.  These lucky moose watchers got more than they bargained for when they signed up for a moose watching tour- not only the chance to observe the natural beauty of the great outdoors here in Northern Maine, but also to see a plethora of other wildlife in addition to the great Maine Moose.  Despite the humid and sometimes wet weather, our past few tours have had some real luck in seeing deer, the lovebird loons, hare, fox, and eagles.  One group was fortunate enough to get so close to a beaver that it swam under all three boats and surfaced at the other side.  The wildlife atmosphere at our secret moose ponds are so friendly and often posing for photographs, we swear they are all aspiring models!

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