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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...There is a Moose!

You've gotta have a little rain to make a rainbow, and as we found out this week, Maine Moose like rainbows just as much as we do!  Even though it has been a little rainy and windy, we still got to see six moose on two different days, and one time they were lounging beneath a beautiful rainbow out on Moose Pond!  Even though we had some rain, the air was warm and we went right out on the water, a perfect place for some excellent Maine moose watching.  In addition to all the moose, we also got to see a lot of other northern Maine wildlife, including some deer, loon, eagles and more!  We've had some great luck the last few days, and Greenville moose aren't shy- we had one come within five feet of our van!  Luckily our certified safari leaders know how to where to go to find moose in rain or shine!

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