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Saturday, May 21, 2011

50th Wedding Anniverary and Honeymooners today on a Maine Moose Safari

The stars were aligned in so many ways for today's moose safari and wildlife tour. Roy and Yvonne have a successful marriage of 50 YEARS together!!! Roy told me that the reason it's successful is because of 3 words: "You're right, dear." Roy was quite the jokester and I enjoyed, tremendously, the opportunity to be his guide. His 80th birthday is next week! Peter and Becky on the other hand have been married for 1 week and came to Maine to spend their honeymoon. These two couples had the fortunate luck of coming together this evening for a moose tour with Northeast Guide Service. Divine intervention, I don't know, but an amazing time, yes, that's for certain!

It was the evening of twos for us: 50th wedding anniversary for two, Honeymoon for two and two moose, two deer and two rabbits. Roy and Yvonne are visiting Maine from New Mexico and Peter and Becky are visiting from England. Ironically, Yvonne was born and raised in England and lived there until she was 17. She enjoyed talking to the honeymooners about England, since she grew up near to where they currently live. None of them had seen moose in the wild until their visit to the Moosehead Lake Region of Maine.
We took to the woods for our evening moose safari and wildlife tour. Becky spotted our first moose of the evening, which was a bull moose grazing on leaves. Pictured here are photos of the bull moose. You can see the beginning of re-growth of what will be his antlers as the season goes on. Each year, as the bull moose ages, the rack grows larger.
On our return to Greenville, this cow moose came sauntering across the road at us. The picture is a little blurry; since it was getting dark, but we all were pleasantly surprised and trying our best to get pictures.
Joining Northeast Guide Service on a Maine Moose Safari is more than a trip to the woods to seek out moose; it's an experience where you see beautiful scenery, learn local area knowledge, meet people from all walks of life and see Moosehead Lake Maine's infamous creature, the Maine Moose. Join us!

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