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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning moose tour with Mainers!

It was a beautiful morning in Maine! Our morning moose tour began at 6 AM with two friends from Westport Island, Maine. These two ladies were on a getaway, to relax and enjoy a drive and see wildlife. We definitely fulfilled their request!
We took to the woods in search of moose and other wildlife. There were plenty of deer out this morning, with big white tails. The galloped across the roads in front of us on many occasions. We arrived at the pond and to our luck a bull moose was eating his morning breakfast on the pond. The wind was blowing down stream, so there was no chance of the moose catching a whiff of us! We had the opportunity to watch the moose for quite a while. Brenda mentioned that even though she has seen moose in the past, it's neat to see them on a pond, in their natural state, simply eating.
On the trip back to Greenville, Maine we saw another moose, smaller cow standing alongside the roadway. She wasn't very photogenic and was more interested in getting away than having her photo taken. The view on our ride back of Moosehead Lake was spectacular! Beautiful blue skies are shining in Maine and we are happy to be out and about, Moosin' Around with Northeast Guide Service!

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