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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Think We Met the Moose Lady!

Leaving from Greenville, Maine on this late May evening, I was surprised to meet a new moose lover on our Maine Moose Tour. Even though our group was only myself and the "moose lady," she truly had enough enthusiasm for a large group! As we took to the North Maine Woods, we saw two moose in the road! Entranced by their light and dark coats, we carried on to the pond. We began our walk and were stopped by four deer meandering along the trails. This was just the beginning of the wildlife we were going to see! While we sat paddling in the canoe, the "moose lady" was delighted to see a large bull eating in the pond. What a success for Northeast Guide Service! It is always an amazing experience to be on a wildlife safari with another moose lover. We heard the echos of two loons swimming around the pond. We saw two ducks swimming as well, maybe looking for a good place to nest. Even though the weather was a little windy, it didn't keep away all of the beautiful wildlife that we got to interact with!

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