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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clear skies in Moosehead Lake Maine & Moose!

Northeast Guide Service had two moose safaris this evening. Let me tell you a little about Jared's tour first.
Jared had a mixed group from all over the country. They came together for a common goal of finding our Maine moose. Today was such a warm day, with clear skies and the pond was like glass. There were loons singing on the pond and tons of rabbits on the roadways. Jared's group saw 2 moose this evening, one on the pond and one on the roadway during their journey back to Northeast Guide Service. The moose on the pond was a young cow, probably 2-3 years old. She came to the pond for dinner and didn't mind enjoying her meal while the group gazed at her. At one point the moose exited the pond to sneak away into the woods. But, as the group waited patiently, she came back into viewing for more of the photo shoot. What a great way to spend an evening together, getting to know people from all over and experiencing Maine's natural beauty and to see Moose!

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