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Sunday, May 8, 2011

We took to the woods pursuing Maine's moose

Another successful moose hunt, for Maine moose pictures that is! The moose are out in the Moosehead Lake region. There were seven of us in search of moose on Monday's moose safari, so we took to the woods to see what we could find. We saw over 10 deer, an eagle, an owl, Maine's partridge, fox, and 2 of Maine's moose. I think we have a potential Registered Maine Guide from this moose tour because as we departed the woods to venture back to Greenville, Patrick spied our first moose off of the road, covered in mud and decked out in camo from the thick trees. It was a great find! This moose was big, happily eating and would have gone unnoticed until Eagle Eye Patrick shouted "PMS"!! That stands for Possible Moose Sighting folks. We stopped, put the van in reverse and saw our first moose of the day chomping on the vegetation just at the side of the road and slightly out of view for passerby's, but not us! We continued on our way to find another moose, even taller standing than the last, posing for photos by the vehicle just ahead of us with New Jersey license plate. This had to have made their day, as it did ours. We were all thrilled to see another moose on this evening's moose safari and wildlife tour. Guided moose tours are a great way for Northeast Guide Service Registered Maine Guide's to take you to the woods to see moose and all kinds of wildlife. This tour was a success! If you want to see Maine's moose, May is Moose Mania in Greenville, Maine. Join Northeast Guide Service and Maine Moose Watching tours on a moose safari.

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