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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The most moose on my moose safari yet this season!

What an amazing night at Northeast Guide Service! Thank you, Brenda, Barbara and Matt. It was so nice laughing with the 3 of you and I'm so glad I was fortunate enough to be your guide! We didn't have to go far this evening to see our first moose standing in the roadway! Brenda was sitting in the front with me and was completely amazed that a moose would be right there, right now, so soon! We continued on our journey to the North Maine Woods. What an absolutely beautiful night to paddle on the pond. It was peaceful and calm.
My group is from Florida, Barbara and her twin sister Brenda and Barbara's husband, Matt. These are the tours that I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am because this was a great group of people to spend the evening with.
While on the pond we heard a lot of noise in the woods and had the fortunate luck of coming upon a red hooded woodpecker! It flew right over our heads, while we were relaxing in the cove and then hammered away at a tree and wasn't there an echo! This was a nice looking bird that I'm disappointed I didn't have my camera trigger ready.
As we headed back to take off the pond, I thought I saw a moose in the distance. Brenda was in the canoe with me and I said, "There's a moose straight ahead!" Brenda didn't see it at first, but as we motored ourselves (physically) across the pond paddling ahead and hard, to our luck a young cow. I laughed so hard as I turned around to see Barbara and Matt following closely behind, but not close enough for Barbara.
Here are some great photos of this evening's Maine moose safari and our moose on the pond.

As we headed back to Greenville, we saw 6 more moose!! It was an incredible time and a great experience to share. These 3 moose safarian's were a blast to share the evening with!

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