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Friday, May 20, 2011

Alta, Euell and I took to the woods on our morning moose safari to seek out Maine moose (and other wildlife). The young moose I have pictured here, says, "Wait up mom! I've got people staring at me. I'm out of here!" We saw 5 moose on our moose tour, 3 rabbits, a Golden Eagle and more ducks that I can remember to count. One duck, I have pictured here, makes a great shot of the duck getting ready to fly away from us. Talk about startled. This guy couldn't have moved fast enough. You can see the distinct coloring of the wings in this photo.
As I mentioned, we had the fortunate luck of seeing 5 moose this morning. Alta did an amazing job of pointing out the moose as she spotted the first 3, which was a family perched on a ridge, taking time to chomp on leaves for their morning breakfast.
We continued on our journey, visiting two ponds in the North Maine Woods. On our journey back to Greenville and Northeast Guide Service base camp, I shouted with excitement, "There are two more right at the side of the road!" These two were a bit bashful, but stopped long enough for us to get a few photos. Thank you, Alta and Euell for joining Northeast Guide Service on our Maine Moose Safari and Wildlife Tour! I had a wonderful time and I know, based on the laughs and smiles that you did, too! I hope to see you again on one of your Maine Vacations.

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